Report: Eye-tracking could replace passwords if made user-friendly

It’s a wonder we still put up with passwords. We forget our highly secretive combinations, so we frequently have them reset and sent to our cellphones and alternative email addresses. We come up with clever jumbles of letters and words, only to mess up the order. We sit there on the login screen, desperately punching in a code we should know by heart.

Grammar undermines password security

The grammar you use - good or bad - when constructing a password can be enough to help someone crack it, say researchers at Carnegie Mellon University.

Adobe user forum suspended after hack

Adobe has become the latest victim of hackers, suspending its forum after login details were published online.

Most-hacked passwords revealed

It's probably no surprise that 'password' isn't the cleverest password to choose for, say, your online banking. But if you thought 'Jesus' would save you from being hacked, think again.

Updated: Yahoo hack yields 435,000 passwords

Yahoo has kicked off an investigation into a hack and extract operation of its Voices website that apparently compromised over 435,000 accounts via an SQL Injection attack.

LinkedIn faces lawsuit over security breach

An Illinois woman is launching a class action lawsuit against LinkedIn over the recent security breach which saw millions of passwords stolen.

LinkedIn and eHarmony admit hacks

Hackers have hit the dating site eHarmony, along with LinkedIn - giving the business networking service its second major privacy blow in 24 hours.

Apple's latest Lion update exposes user passwords

Oops: with the latest security update to Lion, Mac OS X 10.7.3, Apple has mistakenly turned on a debug option that leaves users' passwords accessible.

RockYou settles with FTC over massive data breach

Social game site RockYou is in hot water with the Federal Trade Commission over a hack that exposed millions of email addresses and passwords to hackers.

YouPorn passwords extracted and posted

YouPorn appears to have been compromised after hackers publicly posted the passwords, emails, and dates of birth of over a million users.

Sony locks out users after another hacking attack

Sony's suspended over 93,000 user accounts after another major attack on the company's systems.

OS X Lion passwords vulnerable

A flaw in Mac OS X Lion allows hackers to reset passwords without knowing the existing one, thanks to insecure permissions.

Microsoft bans easy-to-guess Hotmail passwords

We all know that we're supposed to pick hard-to-guess passwords - but most of us know all too well that, if we do, we'll forget them ourselves.

iPhone security cracked in six minutes flat

German security researchers say they've been able to crack passwords stored on a locked iPhone - and they did it within six minutes.

Hackers hit Gawker in revenge for anti-4Chan comments

Gawker Media, the publisher of a number of technical blogs, has been hacked in what appears to be a revenge attack for comments critical of 4Chan.

Google says it "mistakenly" intercepted e-mails and passwords

Google has confirmed that its Street View cars "mistakenly collected" unencrypted WiFi payload data while mapping city streets.

Young adults careless about status-jacking

Passwords: who needs 'em? Not young people, according to a new survey. Fewer than half of 18 to 25-year-olds in the US, the UK and Australia bother to keep theirs private when accessing social networks.

Hackers target WordPress in large scale attack

Hackers have reportedly targeted a number of websites powered by the popular WordPress platform.

Gmail to detect "suspicious" account activity

Google has introduced a new feature to notify Gmail users of potentially "suspicious" account login activity.