'Trick' allows access to locked iPhones

Apple's promising to fix a flaw, revealed in a YouTube video, that allows anyone with physical access to a device running iOS 6.1 to bypass the lock screen, which requires a four-digit PIN, and gain partial control.

iPhone 4's Siri gives access to locked phone

The hugely-popular Siri voice-activated personal assistant in the iPhone 4S has a big security flaw - it responds to commands even when the phone is password-locked.

Users pick really dumb iPhone passcodes

It's a good idea, of course, to set a PIN code for your phone in case it's lost or stolen. But you have to wonder why some people bother - because, according to one software developer, the most common choice is 1234.

Hacking a smartphone is easier than you think

When we think smartphone, we think: smart. When we think of someone who leaves the front door of their home with piles of financial and personal information laying about, we think: dumb.