Doctor Who parody hits second episiode

The second installment of the first adventure of Inspector Spacetime - though that's not the official title of the show - is available now.

Doctor Who parody is here

The Doctor Who parody NBC desperately didn't want went live this past week.

Inspector SpaceTime trailer spoofs Doctor Who

If you've ever watched the NBC TV show Community, you probably recall the episode when Inspector SpaceTime made his debut.

Situation room photo breaks records on Flickr, becomes meme

After news of Osama bin Laden’s death hit the wire, the WH uploaded a photo to Flickr depicting President Obama, VP Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and other members of the national security team huddled in a situation room.

Avatar 3D porn parody hits the ‘Net

Hustler has debuted a trailer of its long-awaited Avatar 3D porn parody. Sadly, the sneak preview of "This Ain't Avatar XXX" is perfectly safe for work... more or less. 

Parodying Hitler is verboten und geschlossen

One of the only joys left in copyright infringment is raus. No more Hitler parody videos on YouTube. They were funny. Hitler was not.