Armed robbers raid Apple Paris store

Apple's flagship Paris store was robbed on New Year's Eve, with the thieves making off with around $1.3 million worth of products.

Woolly mammoth remains found in France

The near-complete remains of a woolly mammoth skeleton have been discovered on the banks of the river Marne near Paris, France.

BMW C Evolution electric scooter hits Paris runway

Much of the green car buzz around BMW at the upcoming Paris Motor Show will likely focus on the i3 Concept and Concept Active Tourer.

McDonalds staff accused of assaulting 'human cyborg'

Steve Mann - the 'human cyborg' with a permanent wearable computer similar to Google Glasses - claims he was assaulted by McDonalds staff in one of its Paris 'restaurants'.

KLM fuels planes with old cooking oil

Next time you enjoy a plate of pommes frites, you can feel smug that you're doing your bit for the environment. Dutch airline KLM has announced plans to use recycled cooking oil to fuel planes on its Paris to Amsterdam route.

RIM wants to know what you love

Surely this is asking for trouble: RIM has announced plans to create a BlackBerry two storeys high, and wants the public to send it messages for display.