'Three-parent babies' consultation begins

Britain's Human Fertility and Embryology Authority (HFEA) has today launched a public consultation over new IVF techniques that produce embryos which carry DNA from three people.

Parents stumped by children's science questions

More than half of parents are filled with fear when asked scientific questions by their kids, a British survey has found.

Parents help kids lie to get on Facebook

Most underage Facebook users are joining the site with the full knowledge - and even help - of their parents.

Only in Detroit: 9 year old girl drives drunken dad around

The craziest things seem to happen in Detroit. A recent example of this would be the drunken dad who bragged to a gas station employee that he was making his 9-year-old daughter act as his designated driver.

Bill would let parents control kids' Facebook pages

A new bill under consideration in California would force Facebook and other social networking sites to remove personal information on childrens' accounts at their parents' request.

Study finds girls positively affected by video games

It seems like all too often parents send kids to watch TV or play video games as a way to get them out of their hair. But could virtual video game babysitters actually be good for your young daughter? Well, yes, according a new study. At least, kind of.

Gaming brings families together, survey shows

Computer games - often cited as destroyers of family life - are in fact encouraging more 'we-time', a new survey shows.

Parents to be notified if their child was victim of webcam spying

As progress is made to the investigation of the unbelievable webcam spying case at the Lower Merion school district, parents will soon be notified if their children were in any of the 56,000 images that were secretly captured.