Can an Academy Award bring Frankenweenie back to life?

Although it didn’t take off at the box office, Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie generated strong reviews, and for many fans it was a great return to form for the director.

Stop motion tech up for Oscar gold

In a time when everything is being CGI’d to death, I’m glad to see that stop motion animation has finally made a big comeback.

Review: The exile of ParaNorman

ParaNorman is surprisingly sophisticated, considering its medium and subject matter.

The technology behind ParaNorman

As someone who grew up loving animation and stop-motion animation, I personally think it's great to see the medium coming back in modern times with new technology. 

ParaNorman scrapes the bottom of the zombie barrel

ParaNorman mostly just looks silly, but there is always the chance that it’s just a poorly cut trailer. Still, I think we might be scraping the bottom of the zombie barrel with this one.