The New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Are Almost Here

Some time back, the frightening news hit that Michael Bay was going to ruin a major childhood favorite of many: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The net erupted in fury over this, and Bay tried to keep the haters calm and convince them he wouldn’t f*ck it up.

More top secret sci-fi films in the works

We write a lot about movie secrets, especially in the of the Internet where it's practically impossible to keep the plot of a movie under wraps. 

Paramount brings movies to YouTube

You'll soon be able to watch hundreds of new movies from Youtube, but they won't be free.

On World War Z and Mutant Ninja Turtles

It’s funny that these two stories hit the ‘Net together, but the release date of the zombie epic World War Z is being moved to next year, while The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are being resurrected. 

Is the Godfather legacy in danger?

It's strange to think this lawsuit is even happening, especially considering that a sequel to The Godfather was already written some years back.

The big winners and losers at the movies in 2011

Another year is already behind us, but the box office results were pretty clear by the end of December.

Massive Transformers collector pack announced

Paramount Home Entertainment has announced the upcoming release of a limited edition collector’s box-set for Michael Bay's Transformers trilogy.

Friday the 13th gets a boxed set

For some, mad slasher movies are just as much a part of 80's nostalgia as new wave, old school video games and John Hughes flicks.

The Godfather is back... on Facebook?!

With so many movies being remade and rebooted, I guess it makes sense that games based on films are coming back for a second try as well.

Universal and Paramount in Ouija slap down

Film buffs were certainly rolling their eyes several years ago when Universal touted a number of movies based on board games.

Is Paramount panicking about Transformers 3D?

It's been said that right before a big breakthrough a lot of neurosis can come to the surface, and perhaps this is what's going on with the opening of Transformers 3D next week.

The Super 8 suspense is over

For those who follow the movie box office like many watch the finals, Super 8 did make it to #1 this weekend, generating $37 million on 5,500 screens, including $1 million raked in on Thursday night.

Do movies still have time to succeed?

Robert Evans, the infamous former head of Paramount who wrote the classic Hollywood memoir "The Kid Stays in the Picture," used to say the first weekend for a film was like a parachute. 

Are expectations lowering for Super 8?

Super 8 has reportedly cost $50 million dollars, which shouldn't be hard to recoup, but you also get the sense there may be a slight panic that the mystery behind the film isn't working to its advantage.

Friday the 13th and fickle 3D

You may not know this, but the first 3D movie that got a wide release in theaters was Friday the 13th Part 3, which opened on 1,079 screens on August 13, 1982. 

Paramount takes on The Martian Chronicles

Paramount has clinched the movie rights to The Martian Chronicles. 

Audio problems lead to "Saving Private Ryan" Blu-ray recall

Paramount has issued a recall of its recent Blu-ray Disc release of Saving Private Ryan, with over 100,000 sold discs affected by a glitch in the film's audio.

Seagate drives to come with movies preloaded

In the first deal of its kind, Seagate is to start selling external hard drives with Paramount movies preloaded.