Video: Rubbing, tapping paper-like material creates electrical current

Electric current sufficient to light a string of LEDs, activate an e-paper display or even trigger action by a computer can be generated by tapping or rubbing simple, flexible generators made of paper, thin sheets of plastic and other everyday materials, researchers at Disney Research, Pittsburgh, have demonstrated.

Avian flu could easily become pandemic

The second of two highly-controversial academic papers on the H5N1 avian influenza has now been published, showing the virus is just four mutations away from an airborne version that could pass from human to human.

Controversial bird flu paper sees light of day

One of two controversial papers describing how the avian H5N1 influenza virus could become transmissible in mammals was published yesterday, after months of global debate.

MIT prints solar cells - on paper

MIT's developed a technique to print out solar cells on paper, almost as cheaply and easily as printing a document.

Colin Firth - yes, that one - publishes neuroscience paper

Oscar-winning hunk Colin Firth isn't just a pretty face, it seems: he's been cited as one of four co-authors on a scientific paper appearing in Current Biology.

Paper-thin, flexible smartphone could revolutionize industry

Within five years, all phones could be as thin and flexible as a sheet of paper, according to a Canadian scientists who's presenting a prototype at a conference in Vancouver next week.

Heaven runs out of iPad 2s

Well, it seems as if it's not just us poor mortals that want more iPads than we can get - the dead are suffering a shortage too.

eBook sales jump 115%

The American Association of Publishers (AAP) recently confirmed that eBooks sales are significantly increasing as paperback and hardcover shipments decline.

Disposable e-paper prototyped

A disposable e-reader could be on the cards, following the discovery that paper makes just as good a host material as glass.

Ebooks are slower to read than paper, survey shows

Reading an ebook is substantially slower than reading a standard paper version, according to a study.