Wall Street goes insane over Spotify

The cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street who created the dot.com bubble seem set to do the same thing again.

Video: The Android-powered Pandora TV Box

The Pandora Box is a device designed to transform your TV into an Android-powered PC. With it, you can stream Internet video, surf the web and read emails. 

Report: Apple's iRadio debut is imminent

A number of reports indicate that Apple is preparing to debut its iRadio music streaming service next week, with Cupertino supposedly in the midst of campaign to contact major advertisers about the platform.

Apple planning streaming music radio service

Apple is reportedly working on an Internet radio service, and there's a reason people are referring to it as the "Pandora killer."

Apple eyes web radio service

Apple's reported to be preparing to launch a Pandora-style streaming service, possibly as soon as the end of the year.

Major Pandora update for Android goes live

Pandora has rolled out a major upgrade for the mobile Android version of its streaming online radio app.

Has James Cameron moved to Pandora?

Avatar couldn’t have hit theaters at a better time.

The oceans of Pandora

The oceans of Pandora and their threatened conditions will be a major focus of James Cameron's upcoming Avatar sequel.

Coming next month: Facebook Music

Next month, there will one more reason for everyone to stay logged into Facebook 24/7.

Massive cosmic car crash revealed

Astronomers are studying what they decribe as one of the most complex and dramatic collisions between galaxy clusters ever seen, and which has taken 350 million years to play out.

Pandora adds 10,000 comedy clips

Pandora has added 10,000 jokes to go along with all of the music they provide.

Pandroid Android app criticized for data mining

Why does a music streaming app need to know your gender and exact GPS location?

Mobile app makers probed over privacy concerns

Federal prosecutors in New Jersey are investigating whether certain smartphone applications illegally obain or transmit information about their users without proper disclosure.

All Web, all the time

Best Buy is touting a $170 Internet media display that offers quick access to Pandora, Facebook, Photobucket and the Weather Channel.

ReQuest CEO concerned about legality of DVD copying? "Nope, should I be?"

The studios and the organizations that represent them don't care much for products that rip DVDs.

Facebook wants a smarter, more personalized web

Mark Zuckerberg has unveiled a redesigned Facebook platform that will allow websites to "personalize experiences" and "build out" an extensive graph of connections.

Ford debuts hands-free voice control for smartphone apps

Ford has introduced a Sync software upgrade that will allow drivers to safely access Android and Blackberry apps.

Steve Jobs says new iPhone OS will support true multitasking

Steve Jobs has assured the rapturous Apple faithful that iPhone OS 4 will offer true multitasking support for third-party applications.