Hackers deface 300 Pakistani websites

Nearly 300 Pakistani websites were down over the weekend after a hack from a Turkish group called Eboz.

'Draw Mohammed Day' prompts Pakistan Twitter ban (again)

Pakistan once again blocked access to Twitter over the weekend because of concerns over blasphemy.

Pakistani officials compile dictionary of obscene words

From today, anybody using the words 'fondle' or 'deposit' in a text in Pakistan will find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

Exclusive: Facebook shut-down likely in Pakistan

Mark Zuckerberg can breathe a little easier: the blasphemy case in Pakistan which has been hanging over his head since last summer appears to have quietly been dropped.

Windows 7 Asus Phone spotted in Pakistan

A sleek Windows 7 prototype phone apparently manufactured by Asus has been spotted in Pakistan.

Islam v. Internets II: Fundamentalists Strike Back

No good can come of censoring the Web, but it doesn't seem to bother Pakistan. iPhone 4 not sufficiently blasphemous to get banned, but hipsters may be lashed.

Pakistanis launch home-grown version of Facebook

Pakistanis unable to deal with the sea of filth and blasphemy that is Facebook have created their own alternative.

The Internets v. Radical Islam

Everybody Draw Muhammad Day. Pakistan bans YouTube and Facebook. Reviews of Four Lions. Death to us!