Saturn has another Pac-Man moon

Cassini scientists have found a second 'Pac-Man' moon orbiting Saturn, this time on the moon Tethys.

Pac-Man joins Street Fighter. Say what?

Although Pac-Man and Street Fighter are two of the most iconic video game franchises of all time, we never really envisioned a world where their paths would cross.

Georgia seizes theater's vintage arcade games

If you head to Atlanta's Plaza theater, you'll notice a rather empty vibe in the lobby.

Google Pac-Man trashes US economy

Never, ever apply for a job at RescueTime. They're hard taskmasters.

Pac-Man eats Google-dots

Google is celebrating Pac-Man's 30th birthday by offering web surfers access to a free version of the classic title.

Cassini reveals cosmic Pac-Man

In an example of life imitating art - if art's the right word - NASA has released images of Saturn's icy moon Mimas looking for all the world like Pac-Man eating a dot.