Reformed pirate sues over nicked ideas

An Australian man who was forced a few years ago to pay $150 million for music piracy is now suing some of the world's biggest tech companies for patent infringement.

ICE seizes more Internet domains

On Saturday US authorities began seizing more domain names allegedly associated with copyright infringement and counterfeiting.

FTP is now a 40-year-old protocol

One of the most important protocols on the Internet is marking 40 years since its debut in April 1971, when it was referred to simply as RFC 114.

100,000 users targeted in mass P2P sharing lawsuit

By the end of Napster’s reign in the 90s it seemed like downloading one Britney Spears song would instantly land you in the slammer and cost you millions of dollars. No one was safe. Well, if you thought you were in the P2P sharing clear, you thought wrong.

BitTorrent gets decentralized

The latest iteration of the cross-platform Tribler BitTorrent client offers a "revolutionary decentralized" approach to file sharing.

Cyber activists defy Feds with BitTorrent DNS

A group of cyber activists are working to create a decentralized, BitTorrent-powered DNS system that exchanges data via peer-to-peer, cross-platform transfers.

Limewire "alterna-list" angers music execs

In the wake of the recent Limewire shutdown, many torrent fans are left wondering, what's next?

Georgia State University persecutes file-sharing students

Georgia's Valdosta State University is currently tracking students engaged in file-sharing activity. Individuals caught using P2P software are likely to face disciplinary action and may even be turned in to the police.

FTC ticks off dozens of firms over security breaches

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has warned almost 100 organisations that they're making personal information about their customers available to all and sundry.