Ozzy Osbourne Now Officially a Senior Citizen

On December 3 came a day that even Ozzy himself probably never thought would come to pass: His 65th birthday. Yes, hard as it is to believe, Ozzy’s now officially a senior citizen, and he’s probably just as surprised as you are that he’s made it this far. 

Black Sabbath makes plans for 2013

Last year the original members of Black Sabbath announced they were reuniting again for their first new album since 1978’s Never Say Die, which was to be accompanied by a world tour. 

Celebrating Ozzy guitarist Randy Rhoads

Last year, a number of classic metal albums hit their 25th anniversary, including Metallica’s Master of Puppets, Slayer’s Reign in Blood, and Megadeth’s Peace Sells.

Metallica comes full circle

Metallica recently wrapped up a week's worth of shows to celebrate its 30th anniversary. 

As expected, the week was full of great special guests, reunions with long lost members from the early days, and a climatic jam that brought Metallica together with the pioneers of metal, Black Sabbath themselves.

Snowblind Ozzy really is a super mutant

Scientists have confirmed that the Prince of Darkness - aka Sir Ozzy Osbourne - is endowed with several enigmatic genetic mutations related to how his body processes drugs and alcohol.

GWAR Halloween Performance Online And Tour Dates Announced [Unplugging]

Unplug and dive into the world of music with this week's unplugging column. This time we bring you stories on GWAR, Band of Horses, Kid Cudi and Ozzy Osbourne.  

Snowblind Ozzy declared a medical miracle

Have you ever wondered why and how the Prince of Darkness is still alive? 

Get ready to jam with Ozzy

All hail, Prince of Darkness! Be warned! The Godfather of Heavy Metal himself - Sir Ozzy Osbourne - will be making his head-banging Rock Band debut next week.