Ultimate Star Trek gadget: scanner copies and creates almost any item using a 3D printer

A British has inventor has unveiled the ultimate Star Trek gadget - a £650 (approximately $1,000) handheld scanner that could be used to copy almost any item.The Fuel3D scanner, originally developed at Oxford University, can capture everything from a flower’s petals to the contours of human skin.The Fuel3D ...

Oxford University looks for Yeti DNA

In an effort to settle things once and for all, Oxford University scientists are calling for samples of so-called Yeti remains for genetic investigation.

Ancient viruses trapped in our DNA

Scientists have uncovered clues as to how our genomes became riddled with viruses, some dating back 100 million years.

Heart drug makes people less racist

A widely used drug for heart disease appears to affect a person's subconscious levels of racism, a team of ethicists, psychiatrists and psychologists has found.

New species discovered in hot Antarctic vents

Several previously-unknown species have been discovered on the seafloor near Antarctica, clustered around hydrothermal vents.

Rat makes its own poison to see off predators

A species of rat has developed the ability to defend itself from predators by smearing its body with a poison it makes itself.

Oxford team develops bionic specs

Oxford University scientists are protptyping glasses that could help people with severely limited vision see again.

A zap to the brain makes people better at math

A quick blast of electricity to one region of the brain can make a person better at math for up to six months, say neuroscientists at Oxford University.

Facebook study shows herding instinct

A study of Facebook apps has shown that people are more likely to buy a product if it's already very popular - but that a clear winner that doesn't reach a certain popularity threshold won't benefit from this effect.