Blackberry way sees fruits from the Core

Blackberry lost two percent of revenue in its fourth quarter of fiscal 2013, down $49 million, and a massive 36 percent drop from $4.2 billion year on year. However, it forecasts breaking even for the next quarter and a mobile analyst has told us the company should be financially viable for some time to come.

US IT services market takes a hit

Analyts at Ovum have officially ruled 2012 as bad for the IT services market. Ed Thomas, Senior Analyst in the Ovum IT Services team said that 2012 was the worst for IT services contract activity since 2002.

Google’s Chrome OS says no to tablets

A high-ranking Google exec has reiterated that the web-centric Chrome OS - currently targeted at notebook computers - will not be migrating to tablets any time soon.

Analyst: Android to continue its unstoppable march

The global smartphone market is projected to double in size by 2016, with shipments hitting an impressive 653 million.