AMD's Trinity APU overclocked to 7.3GHz

AMD's Trinity APU (A10-5800K) has been overclocked to 5.1GHz with air cooling - and beyond 7.3GHz using liquid nitrogen. 

Lab501 overclocks HyperX memory with liquid nitrogen

Lab501 has managed to achieve three new world records by overclocking Kingston's HyperX 2544MHz dual channel memory kit. 

AMD's FX CPU shatters overclocking records

AMD has managed to shatter a previous Guinness World Record for the "highest frequency of a computer processor" by massively overclocking its upcoming 8-core FX chip.

Digital Storm's Enix gets overclocked & Sandy Bridged

Digital Storm's Enix rig is powered by Intel's Sandy Bridge architecture and offers screaming overclocks of 4.7GHz+.

Galaxy Tab overclocked to a sweet 1.2GHz

Yes, the PC scene may have fallen into a bit of a lull, so it's good to see a new generation of enthusiasts pick up the overclocking torch (at least, on the software side) in the mobile arena.

Overclocked NOOKcolor runs at a cool 1 GHz

A talented XDA Dev team member has coded a sweet overclocking patch that revs the $250 NOOKcolor to a cool top speed of 1 GHz.

Kingston HyperX memory overclocked at 3068 MHz

Serial overclockers Benjamin Bioux (aka "Benji Tshi") and Jean-Baptiste Gerard (aka "marmott") have managed to run two Kingston 2333MHz 3GB triple-channel HyperX modules at a blazing 3068 MHz.

Captivate Hummingbird overclocked to 1.2GHz

XDA Dev overclockers have successfully revved the Samsung Hummingbird's processor to 1.2GHz, with (theoretical) stable speeds of up to 1.6GHz expected in future kernel iterations.

Motorola Droid X gets overclocked

A talented overclocker known as "Elkay" has coded an injectable kernel module designed to accelerate the processor of Motorola's Droid X smartphone.

Overclocker revs Evo 4G to 1.267GHz

An overclocker known as Coolbho3000 has managed to rev his Evo 4G to a cool 1.267GHz from the stock 998 MHz.