Huawei touts Android Tron console

Huawei has debuted a mini Android (4.2.3) gaming console powered by Nvidia’s Tegra 4 SoC.

Ouya’s upgraded console priced at $129

Ouya has introduced a new version of its Android-powered game console with a new white case, controller and double the amount of storage space. As expected, the original black Ouya console with 8GB is still available for $100.

Report: New console (Xbox One, PS4) forecasts falling short

New game consoles designed by Sony and Microsoft are slated to ship in selected markets during the 2013 holiday season. As previously discussed on TG Daily, the Xbox One and Sony PS4 appear evenly matched with content remaining as the primary means of differentiation.

Ouya says it has 10,000 developers

Ouya - which recently began shipping its Android-powered console to early Kickstarter backers - says it has signed on up to 10,000 game developers.

ARM console fails to live up to expectations

Hopes that ARM might be able to push itself into the gaming market have been dashed as the Ouya console failed to live up to its expectations.

Video: Android Ouya console gets benchmarked

Ouya's Android-powered console was recently benchmarked by developer James Coote and tested against a number of current-gen devices. The results?

Ouya working out kinks, says June launch date still on track

The first Ouya units may have shipped last week to early backers of the Android-powered console, but the company says it remains committed to ironing out any last minute bugs before the system goes live for the masses in June 2013.

Can Ouya take on the PS4 and Xbox 720 (Next)?

The $99 Android-powered Ouya console boasts a definite advantage over its console rivals in terms of price, but can it effectively compete against powerful next-gen systems like Sony's Playstation 4 (PS4) and Microsoft's Xbox 720 (Next)?

Thousands of game devs code for Ouya

Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman has confirmed that over 8,000 game devs are coding titles for the $99 Android-powered console, including Square Enix, Double Fine Productions, Tripwire Interactive, Vlambeer, Phil Fish's Polytron Corporation, and Kim Swift's Airtight Games.

Ouya console review round-up

The Android-powered Ouya console goes live for the masses this June, but is currently shipping to early Kickstarter backers.

Android-powered Ouya launches on June 4 for the masses

Team Ouya has confirmed that its long-awaited Android-powered console will launch in the United States, Canada and the U.K. on June 4, 2013, for a cool $100.

Commodore 64 emulator headed to Android-powered Ouya

When I was growing up I wanted a Commodore 64 computer so badly I could barely stand it.

Android-powered Ouya supports classic console emulators

When the Ouya game console first turned up on Kickstarter, many of us initially thought the device was only for playing Android games on the big-screen.

Does Ouya offer a more emotional gaming experience?

Ouya's long-awaited console has yet to hit the market, but that hasn't stopped Julie Uhrman from claiming the Android-powered system will offer a more "emotional" experience than can be found on typical mobile devices like tablets.

Ouya's online multiplayer will have to wait

Ouya CEO Julie Urhman has confirmed that the long-awaited console will not support online multiplayer games when it ships to Kickstarter backers in just over two weeks.

Ouya and Nvidia optimizing Tegra 3 SoC for Android console

Ouya confirmed months ago that its Android Jelly Bean powered console will be equipped with Nvidia's Tegra SoC.

Ouya's free-to-try console model

Ouya's upcoming Android-powered console is eagerly awaited by both devs and gamers. Interestingly, all games in the Ouya stord will be required to support a free-to-try option.

Ouya promises a new console every year

There are clearly many gamers out there who are interested in the $99 Android-powered Ouya game console, as is illustrated by the millions of dollars the system raised on Kickstarter.

Android-powered Ouya game console headed to Amazon and Gamestop

When the Ouya game consoles on Kickstarter first appeared, quite a number of us couldn't help but wonder when and where we would be able to purchase the consoles in the real world.

Ouya tweaks console controller in redesign

Any experienced gamer can tell you that bad controls or a poorly designed controller destroys the overall experience.