Google has 5 minute outage: Internet traffic drops 40%

Between 23:52 and 23:57 BST on 16th August Google went down. The results put the fear of Google into every webmaster's heart.     GoSqaured, a company that has its own analytics platform, had noted in its Engineering Blog:  

Hotmail and Outlook go down as Microsoft migrates users

Microsoft's migration of Hotmail users to Outlook doesn't seem to be going quite to plan. A series of outages in both services has left people unable to access their emails.

Single developer behind Netflix outage

Amazon has given an explanation for the outage which brought down Netflix's streaming service on Christmas Eve, saying all it took was one absent-minded developer.

Amazon outage brings down Netflix

Netflix is blaming the Christmas Eve failure of its streaming service on Amazon Web Services, which appears to have suffered problems with its data centers.

BlackBerry users hit by outage

With impeccable timing, BlackBerry email and messaging services are down for many users across Europe, the Middle East and Africa - on the day that the iPhone 5 launches.

Twitter goes down on eve of Olympics

Twitter says that an outage yesterday wasn't, as rumored, caused by an overload from Olympic traffic.

'Cascading bug' crashes Twitter

Twitter's apologised for the fact that its site was unavailable yesterday, blaming a 'cascading bug'.

Chain message circulates among BlackBerry users as service outage subsides

Research In Motion says it's got most non-North American users back online in Europe, although many are still having trouble with web access.

AT&T restores service after California outage

AT&T customers in southern California experienced a service outage lasting from Saturday afternoon through to Sunday.

Skype is down. Again.

Oh dear. Skype is down, at least for an awful lot of users around the world.

Anonymous accuses Sony of lying about PlayStation outage

After four days of outage, PlayStation has said that external hackers are responsible - but the prime suspect, Anonymous, has denied all knowledge and says Sony itself is probably to blame.

Skype outage affects millions of users worldwide

Skype is down, in a worldwide outage that's lasted seventeen hours and counting for many users.

Amazon outage down to hardware failure, not DDoS

Amazon's European websites were down for a short period yesterday, in what the company says was a hardware failure in its European data center.

Foursquare checks out for 11 hours

Foursquare experienced two outages yesterday, the longest lasting about 11 hours, thanks to an unexpected database problem.

Facebook dons hair shirt over worst outage in years

Facebook's revealed more details of last night's 2.5-hour outage, calling it the worst it's ever had in over four years.

Humor from users as Facebook goes down

Bet you're only reading this because your first choice activity was unavailable. Yes, Facebook really is down. And it's been reduced to using Twitter to tell users about its latest outage.

World Cup could overload Twitter, company warns

Twitter is warning that the World Cup could lead to outages, after a week in which the site has been up and down like a soccer ball.

Wikipedia, YouTube go down

Wikipedia and YouTube have both experienced outages over the last twenty-four hours.

Linux Godfather endorses Nexus One smartphone

Linux Godfather Linus Torvalds has offered a ringing endorsement of Google's Nexus One smartphone.