Valve's SteamBox could be a developer workstation

Apple helped to turn itself into a developer darling with OS X in the late 90s. Now, can the SteamBox be a viable alternative.

Pear is a Linux-based OS X alternative

Pear OS is a Linux-based operating system that strives to combine an Apple OS X experience with the open source philosophy of GNU/Linux.

$3,500 OS X ModBook Pro gets revamped

The $3,500 OS X ModBook has been revamped with increased SSD capacity and RAM, along with the doubling of pen pressure sensitivity levels.  

Google updates Chrome Remote Desktop

Google has updated its Chrome Remote Desktop (CRD) app with a number of new features and capabilities.

Apple’s iOS 6 goes live

Apple's long-awaited iOS 6 has gone live for the iPhone 3GS/4/4S, the iPad 2, the new iPad, and the fourth- and fifth-generation iPod touch.

SMS gets synchronized in the cloud

Get ready to synchronize your SMS messages in the cloud with MySMS, which just rolled out of beta status early this morning. 

Google Chrome crashing new Apple MacBook Airs

Google has acknowledged that a graphic resource leak in its flagship Chrome browser is causing a critical kernel panic issue on new Apple MacBook Airs.

Android hits Mac OS X with BlueStacks

BlueStacks has debuted a free public alpha version of its Android app player for Mac OS X.

Apple: iOS and OS X will not converge

Apple CEO Tim Cook says iOS (iPad) and OS X (iMac, MacBooks) will remain two distinct operating systems for their respective lineup of devices.

Tsunami-A OS X trojan spotted in the wild

Security researchers have identified a new backdoor trojan targeting systems running Mac OS X.

OS X Revir-B trojan masquerades as a PDF file

A nascent OS X trojan has been positively identified by a number of security companies. 

Dubbed "Revir-B," the malware disguises itself as a PDF file about the disputed Diaoyu Islands to trick users into triggering its payload.

Do developers prefer Mac OS to Linux?

Apple’s Mac operating system has reportedly surpassed Linux in popularity as a development environment in North America. 

MACDefender malware targets OS X users

Security researchers have identified a new strain of OS X malware dubbed "MACDefender."

OS X crosses Intel's Sandy Bridge

Well, that didn't take too long! Yes, a talented team of Apple fanbois have successfully installed OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard on a screaming Hackintosh running Intel's Core i5-2500K CPU.

Seagate GoFlexes OS X HDD lineup

Seagate has refreshed its lineup of external hard disk drives (HDDs) for Mac OS X.

Video: Microsoft Kinect runs on a Mac

A developer has managed to code a sweet port that allows Microsoft's Xbox 360 Kinect to run on an Apple Mac.

Got a Mac? How about a virus?

Mac OS X may not be as vulnerable to nefarious worms, trojans and viruses as a Windows-based PC. 

Nevertheless, the popular operating system can hardly be characterized as 100% secure.

Apple redefines the Mac with OS X Lion

OS X Lion, which ships next summer, is expected to offer users a sleeker, more iPad like experience.

Apple gets back to the Mac

Apple is apparently shifting its focus back to the shiny Mac after conquering the tablet market with its "magical" iPad.

How to make your Windows PC look and feel like a Mac

Even the most die-hard Microsoft fanboi will admit - in a moment of weakness, of course - that Apple's OS X has a sweet UI. 

So, if you want your Windows system to look and feel like a Mac but don't want to shell out the big bucks, you may want to check out the Snow Transformation Pack for Vista/7.