The future of webOS is unclear

Hewlett Packard (HP) is reportedly being advised by Bank of America Merrill Lynch as the corporation decides whether to retain or sell its webOS software platform.

Google and Microsoft in public spat over patent 'stranglehold'

Google's accusing Apple, Oracle and Microsoft of deliberately pursuing 'bogus' patent claims in order to strangle Android and drive up the cost of Android phones.

HP's allegations of data theft 'fiction', says Oracle exec

HP's allegations that a former employee stole trade secrets are a pack of lies, according to the man's lawyer, who is asking for the case to be thrown out.

Dell buys Force10, Intel snags Fulcrum and Cisco gets heartburn

The computer industry started out with one massive generalist: IBM. However, after facing anti-trust pressures, Big Blue was forced to open up the market.

Oracle bids adieu to Intel's Itanium microprocessor

Oracle has abruptly stopped "all software development" for Intel's Itanium microprocessor.

Microsoft files against Barnes and Noble: The hidden cost of Android

It is interesting how much more active Microsoft has become with regard to protecting its intellectual property in the last 5 years.

Oracle wins biggest-ever copyright infringement award

A jury has awarded Oracle $1.3 billion for copyright infringement from SAP after an 11-day federal court trial in California.

Is Larry Ellison stalking Leo Apotheker?

Oracle's Larry Ellison is reportedly hot on the trail of Hewlett-Packard CEO Leo Apotheker.

Oracle vs. SAP update: Catz does partial recovery but can't make up for Ellison

Safra Catz took the stand after Larry Ellison this evening and appears to have done a vastly better job of being a convincing witness.  

Oracle vs. SAP: Larry Ellison Testimony – Advantage SAP

Years ago I did a lot of litigation work and covered a number of trials over the last several decades for major media outlets. 

One of the historic problems when you put a CEO on the stand is they often feel they are vastly more convincing than they actually are.

Oracle, Mark Hurd and Jodie Fisher's revenge

The drama keeps swirling around Mark Hurd and his reality show-like experience. 

Oracle buys ATG at a 46% premium

Technology giant Oracle Corp has just announced it will buy Art Technology Group for $1 billion, 46% more than its current market value, in a courageous move to improve its standing in the world of e-commerce.

Ellison says he has proof that Apotheker knew about theft

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison says he can prove that HP's new CEO Leo Apotheker was in on a plot to steal large amounts of Oracle software during his time at SAP.

New HP continues to attack old CEO, Mark Hurd

HP essentially forced its once-heralded CEO Mark Hurd to resign because of a rush to judgment on a pending sexual harassment allegation, but now that its newly appointed CEO finds himself in bigger hot water, HP now has to play damage control yet again.

Larry Ellison says the madness must stop

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison says he is "speechless" over the fact that Hewlett Packard (HP) selected former SAP chief Leo Apotheker to replace Mark Hurd. 

HP picks battle hardened executives for Cloud Wars

HP’s Board had three big problems that Mark Hurd created or that resulted when he left.

Open Office wants to be free...From Oracle

The Open Office project is declaring its independence from Oracle by forming a separate organization known as the "Document Foundation."

HP and Oracle kiss and make up

It's so nice when everybody's friends again. For the last two weeks, the tech playground has been ringing with complaints over HP's best friend Mark Hurd going off and palling up with oracle instead. 

Larry Ellison doesn't like Red Hat Linux

Larry Ellison isn't exactly a big fan of Red Hat Linux. As such, Oracle will now offer customers an indigenously developed variant of the OS known as the "Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel."

Mark Hurd's salary at Oracle will be a mere $950,000

It's not quite the salary of a CEO of the country's top PC manufacturer, but it sounds like Mark Hurd will still be doing alright for himself.