Google can be made to sweat. Just ask Oracle.

Joking aside, there is nothing to be neutral about when pondering Oracle's attempts to sue Google for copyright infringement on 37 Java APIs. It's got the Open Source community up in arms, but Google may have shot itself in the foot, and the results could end up having a huge impact in the future.

Security of Java takes a dangerous turn for the worse, experts say

The security of Oracle\\'s Java software framework, installed on some three billion devices worldwide, is taking a turn for the worse, thanks to an uptick in attacks targeting vulnerabilities that will never be patched and increasingly sophisticated exploits, security researchers said.The most visible sign of deterioration are in-the-wild ...

Billionaire Larry Fight: Ellison ($43b) doesn't like Page ($26b)

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! One of the world's richest men, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, doesn't like another one of the world's richest men, Larry Page of Google. Larry Page is acting evil. Something about Java. Meh.   There are surreal moments in life when you realize that people who don't have a billion dollars are going to eventually figure out that people who do have a billion dollars are just whiny, self-absorbed freaks who will never know the joys of the Jack in the Box  Waffle Stack.

Oracle's Ellison earns $3 a second

The CEO of Oracle, dashing Larry Ellison, earned $96.4 million last year and it’s hard to figure out how he can make ends meet.

Big Data name of enterprise software game

A report from IDC said the market for enterprise software worldwide showed conservative growth during 2012.

Sales go awry for SAP in Asia

The maker of expensive management software, SAP, is having some trouble making sales in Asia.

Oracle stalls Itanium decision

Oracle has managed to delay its trial with HP, which is looking into whether it breached a contract over software support for servers running Intel's Itanium microprocessors.

Ray Lane heads off from the HP lane

HP's Ray Lane has quit as chairman of the HP board.

Java in danger of Oracle stranglehold

The CEO of CloudBees has warned that Oracle has a stranglehold over the Java community which it believes will do its bidding.

Oracle claims SPARC system outperform IBM

Database giant Oracle has upgraded its high end server systems, putting pressure on rivals such as IBM.

Oracle fails to see the writing on the wall

Oracle has blamed its sales force for its rubbish miss in third-quarter software sales and warned that its ailing hardware business will lose more ground this quarter. It is not clear why Oracle should be suffering. Its sales teams have been boosted over recent months and it should be doing much better.

Oracle releases fix for Java flaw - but it may not be enough

Oracle has moved quickly to release a patch for a major security flaw in Java, after the Department of Homeland Security advised users to disable or remove the software.

Google demands $4 million in Oracle fees

It's not a great time for Oracle right now.

APIs can't be copyrighted, says judge in Oracle case

Oracle's intellectual property lawsuit against Google has finally fallen apart completely with a ruling from the judge in the case, William Alsup, that APIs can't be copyrighted.

Victory for Google in Android patent case

Jurors have sided with Google in its long-running patent battle with Oracle, saying Android doesn't infringe on Oracle patents.

Jury gives mixed verdict in Oracle-Google lawsuit

In a decision that will satisfy nobody, the jury in the Oracle-Google copyright case has concluded that Google did indeed infringe Oracle's Java copyrights - but failed to agree whether Google's actions amounted to 'fair use'.

Larry Page 'can't recall' Java licensing talks

Google CEO Larry Page has told a jury his company 'did nothing wrong' by using Java software, acquired by Oracle when it took over Sun Microsystems, in its Android products.

Oracle considered buying RIM and/or Palm

In another world, we might be talking about an Oracle-branded smartphone.

Android copyright trial starts today

The trial, in San Francisco federal court, is due to start this afternoon or tomorrow, after a deadline passed on Friday for the companies to reach a settlement.

Google bolsters patent stockpile with IBM buy

Google's boosted its growing patent portfolio by buying hundreds more from IBM, which it hopes will help it in its battle to fight off litigation.