LG Optimus 3D Max phone coming soon

LG has confirmed that it is working on a successor to its Optimus 3D smartphone, one of the first glasses-free 3D phones on the market.

Next LG Optimus phone to be HD, LTE

After somewhat muddled excitement with the Optimus 3D, it looks like the next phone to carry LG's new Optimus name will strive to gain more attention.

Get ready to play all mobile games in 3D

The zany, spherical avians who first gained popularity on the iPhone are about to bring their anger to a whole new dimension.

LG Optimus 3D phone will soon be a reality

Just as the world prepares for HTC's glasses-free 3D phone, LG is ready to release its one as well.

AT&T announces its own glasses-free 3D phone

Just in time for this week's CTIA conference in Orlando, AT&T has announced two brand new smartphones, one of which it promises will be the first "glasses-free 3D" phone to hit store shelves.

Just how powerful is LG's Optimus 3D? Pretty damn powerful

It's one thing to make a whole lot of floaty claims and impressive marketing speak, but it's quite another to actually make good on those words. LG's very impressive Android-based 3D phone looks like it can actually walk the walk.

LG says Optimus 3D is real

W00t, the Optimus 3D is indeed real! Yes, LG confirmed the existence of the "world's first" fully-functioning 3D smartphone just hours after images of the enigmatic device hit the 'Net.

LG Optimus 3D pictures surface

Photos of a new LG Android phone have made their way to the Internet. It's assumed they are the much-hyped Optimus 3D device, though without seeing it in person it's impossible to be sure.