Bioshock Infinite season pass will open the doors

Irrational Games has confirmed its DLC pre-purchase bundle for its upcoming dystopian fantasy adventure.

Analysis: Is there room for Nvidia's Shield?

Does Nvidia know something  we don’t know about the handheld console market?

Should Vader return to Star Wars?

One of the many recent internet rumors about the upcoming Disney Star Wars trilogy is that Vader will be  making his return.

Game of Thrones - the movie?!

Could The Game of Thrones ever be made into a film?

Repairing Prometheus: Part 2 - Physics!

A few simple fixes could have gone a long way in making Prometheus the film it was meant to be.

No, CW's Arrow won't be like the comics

The major creative forces behind The CW's new serial adaptation of DC Comics' Green Arrow comics line apparently don't believe the upcoming show is about a super hero.

Game of Thrones news clip crosses the bridge

The UK-based UTV has posted a brief interview segment regarding filming for the next season of Game of Thrones.

Punisher fan clip is best Punisher film

Thomas Jane has created a fan film for Frank Castle - aka The Punisher - a character he once played on the big screen.

Sequel planned for Snow White and the Huntsman

Universal Pictures has confirmed that it is developing a sequel to the recent fairy tale box office hit.

Branded trailer knows your desires

Roadside Attractions has released the first trailer for its upcoming dystopian thriller, Branded.

A first look at Doctor Who's new companion

Thanks to some on-set espionage, we’ve managed to sneak our first look at the Doctor’s new companion.

G.I. Joe Retaliation delayed for 3D ‘upgrade'

Paramount Pictures will be postponing the release of G.I. Joe: Retaliation to next spring, supposedly so the studio can release the 3D edition alongside the standard digital version.

TNT’s new genre shows

The network that claims to know drama has announced two new genre serials.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green Trailer comes from the garden

Walt Disney Pictures has launched the first trailer for its upcoming family fantasy film, The Odd Life of Timothy Green.

The Watch trailer goes live

20th Century Fox has released the first full-length trailer for its upcoming comedy sci-fi, The Watch.

Battleship clips look down the barrel

Hasbro has released a bevy of clips for its upcoming board-game based alien invasion action film Battleship.

Fringe to get fifth and final season

We are just a couple episodes from the end of season four of Fringe. It’s now confirmed that there will be a half-length fifth season which will conclude the story.

Next Apes film gets greenlight

20th Century Fox has confirmed that the sequel to Rise of the Planet of The Apes is poised to kick off production.

Prometheus featurette praises Scott

20th Century Fox has released a featurette for its upcoming sc-fi thriller Prometheus.

Latest Brave trailer is rebellious

Pixar has released a new full length trailer for its upcoming animated Highlands adventure, Brave.