Opera blinks in a fortissimo manner

Opera has sang that it is following Google as the search engine outfit forks WebKit and builds a new rendering engine called Blink.

Opera releases Android beta

Just three weeks after announcing its plans to scrap its Pesto rendering engine and switch to WebKit, Opera's released a beta version of the Opera browser for Android that it showed off at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month.

Opera plans video boost with Skyfire acquisition

Opera is taking over mobile video company Skyfire Labs, in a deal worth around $155 million in cash and stock, with the aim of exploiting its video optimization technology.

Opera plans switch to WebKit

Opera Software has announced plans to abandon its own Presto rendering engine and move to using WebKit, the same engine that powers Chrome and Safari.

Armed robbers raid Apple Paris store

Apple's flagship Paris store was robbed on New Year's Eve, with the thieves making off with around $1.3 million worth of products.

Leap second crashes high-profile websites

The addition of a 'leap second' to universal clock time on Saturday caused havoc on the web over the weekend - despite the fact that there was plenty of warning.

New experiment finds neutrinos at light speed

As expected, CERN scientists measuring the speed of neutrinos have discovered that the particles aren't traveling faster than light after all.

Flaw found in 'faster-than-light' experiment

CERN scientists believe they've established just how neutrinos were apparently able to travel faster than light.

New experiment shows faster-than-light travel

An improved re-run of the experiment that appeared to show faster-than-light travel was possible has produced the same result.

Android nabs #2 spot for mobile browsing

The browser that comes built-in with Google's Android operating system has just become the second most popular mobile browser.

Was Einstein wrong? Speed of light appears to have been broken

European scientists believe they've observed subatomic particles traveling faster than the speed of light - something that Einstein's theory of relativity says should be impossible.

Study linking IE users to low IQ was a hoax

A seemingly legitimate study that showed Internet Explorer users as having starkly low IQs has turned out to be an elaborate hoax.

Firefox may soon nix "http" from URL bar

When was the last time you actually had to type "http" into your browser?

New Opera browser comes to iPhone, iPad

Opera has just released the latest version of its Web browser.

Opera Mobile comes to Android

Opera has released its Mobile 10.1 beta for Android, adding pinch-to-zoom and support for location services.

Opera gets ready for its Android close-up

Android's built-in Web browser, once described by Google as "Chrome Lite," gets the job done but it's not filled with a whole bunch of snazzy features. Opera is now looking to add some class to that arena.

Web browsing goes mobile

Browsing the Web on a PC is sooo 2009. Indeed, by 2015, at least 3.8 billion handsets will feature mobile web browsers.

Internet Explorer continues to build back market share

After years and years of seeing other browsers chip away at its browser dominance, Microsoft's Internet Explorer is gaining back market share, and that trend has continued with the latest numbers reported.

Internet Explorer dips below 60% in browser share

There was a time not long ago when Internet Explorer commanded 96% of the browser market, but its numbers have been steadily dropping and now it's approaching territory that should make Microsoft genuinely worried.

Opera looks to the mobile market with email acquisition

Opera is aiming to strengthen its mobile email offering by taking over FastMail, an Australian email provider.