Video: OpenCL mod for Kindle Fire HD shows untapped potential

One might reasonably think that manufacturers would take advantage of every last ounce of performance when it comes to tablets.  

ARM ramps up Mali T604 with OpenCL

ARM has submitted its flagship Mali T604 graphics processing unit (GPU) to the Khronos Group for full profile conformance with OpenCL 1.1.

AMD offers $50,000 in prizes for OpenCL contest

AMD is kicking off an OpenCL coding competition for devs. The contest - managed in conjunction with TopCoder - challenges software engineers to code apps that take advantage of both OpenCL and APU architecture.

AMD is taking OpenCL FTW

AMD has announced a set of software development tools that will enable engineers to more easily optimize apps for OpenCL standards.

GPU Computing Comes of Age: Is 2011 Nvidia's Year? 

I was at the Nvidia Quadro conference earlier this week and it is starting to look like 2011 is Nvidia's year to shine.  

AMD touts expanded ATI FirePro lineup

AMD has expanded its ATI FirePro lineup with the introduction of five new graphics cards: the V7800, V5800, V4800, V3800 and 2460 (Multi-View).

AMD targets workstation market with ATI FirePro V8800

AMD has introduced a high-end graphics card targeted at the lucrative workstation market.