GM promises in-car 4G LTE next year

General Motors says it's planning to introduce 4G LTE connectivity to its cars as early as next year, through a deal with AT&T.

Onstar to let you make money renting your car

If you have Onstar equipped in your car, you'll soon be able to make some cash on the side.

OnStar reverses controversial tracking policy

After heavy pressure, OnStar has reversed its policy on GPS tracking and says it will no longer track ex-subscribers to its navigation and support system.

Senator Schumer wants Onstar privacy probe

One of the leading Democrats in the US Senate has some harsh words for the way Onstar handles customer privacy.

GM's OnStar might start spying on your car for money

There have been some harsh charges leveled at General Motors (GM) over the corporation's controversial OnStar terms and conditions. 

Onstar for every vehicle becomes reality July 24

Next week, even if you don't have a GM car you'll be able to get a full suite of Onstar services.

GM's OnStar headed to non-GM cars

If you've ever seen those OnStar commercials and then get filled with raging jealousy because you don't have a GM car? Then there's some really good news out of CES for you today.

New OnStar features turn your car into a global media pod

If theft protection, accident monitoring, and immediate emergency access aren't enough reasons for you to put OnStar in your car, what if it also gave you unfettered access to the World Wide Web?

OnStar to allow Facebook updates while driving

We all know what torture it is being unable to update your Facebook status while driving. How on earth are your friends to cope without knowing that you're stuck at a red light, say, or running a bit low on gas?

Dallas man watches live on iPhone as home is robbed

For Dallas resident Vince Hunter, the $4.99 he paid for his iCam iPhone app proved to be more than worth it when he was notified about motion sensors going off in his house and then watched in real-time as burglars broke through his windows.