Are video game stores becoming irrelevant?

An untold number of book and record stores have been shuttered over the past few years. Thankfully, there are still plenty of places to buy video games.

Ouya confirms Onlive support still intact

Despite the massive structural changes being taken by Onlive, it will still exist on the upcoming cloud-based Ouya console.

OnLive reboots after mass layoffs

OnLive is in the process of rebooting after laying off most of its staff and forming a new venture in the context of an acquisition backed by "substantial" funding.

Ouya inks VEVO deal

Over the past few weeks, Ouya has managed to clinch a number of potentially lucrative deals with various industry heavyweights, including OnLive and Square Enix Japan.

Sony drops Onlive support on Google TV

Don't expect to see Onlive connectivity in any Sony-made Google TV device.

Sony's newest Google TV device to have Onlive

Sony's electronics division seems to be willing to cozy up with a rival to its gaming division.

Onlive announces LG TV partnership

Cloud gaming service Onlive will be integrated into a new line of LG television sets.

Rumor: Sony working on Playstation cloud partnership

Sony is apparently looking to make a big impression in the cloud space.

OnLive violates licensing terms, says Microsoft

Microsoft has revealed that it believes OnLive's virtual Windows desktop for Apple iPads and Android devices is in breach of licensing terms.

Rumors of a Steam Box set-top box

Steam has revolutionized the way gamers play games on their PC, and now it wants to do the same when it comes to the living room.

Google TV adds OnLive game service

In addition to touting major hardware support at CES, Google TV is also getting new content partners.

Gaming in a post-PC world with OnLive 3

I’ve been a fan of OnLive’s cloud-based gaming service since it first launched last year. That was version one, which should have been titled "A New Hope."

OnLive brings cloud gaming to mobile

Cloud gaming company OnLive is launching a free app that brings instant play of console-class games to smartphones and tablets via Wifi and 4G LTE.

OnLive on iPad lets you watch, not play, games

Video games have never really been considered a good "spectator sport," but now OnLive, a revolutionary new cloud-based game service, aims to change that with a new iPad app.

OnLive cloud-based game service getting console-ized

When it comes to video games, OnLive may just be the wave of the future. It's a service that basically acts like a video game system, but everything is done in the cloud.

OnLive no longer charges a monthly fee

Online streaming gaming service OnLive has scrapped its monthly fee after realizing it could sustain itself on a free-to-play ad-based model.

OnLive launches cloud gaming service - and it's free

OnLive will this week launch its cloud gaming service, and is offering a year's free play to those who sign up over the next month.

Google, Extreme Arrogance and Gaming

A few days ago Google’s CEO pronounced that that the PC would be dead in 3 years. 

OnLive touts cross-platform cloud gaming

GDC 2010 - OnLive has confirmed that its cross-platform, cloud-based gaming platform will launch at E3 2010 in June.