Publishers create one-stop online bookstore

When you want to buy a paper book, you generally visit a bookstore - without having to know which book you want in advance, and which publisher has issued it.

Yahoo announces its answer to Google Instant search

Yahoo announced yesterday that it is making upgrades to its search engine that will bring up results in real-time.

FTC issues fine over fake online reviews

The Federal Trade Commission has come down hard on a company which was found to be posting fake reviews of its products online.

People won't pay for local news online, says report

Almost half of mobile device owners use their device to get some sort of local news information - but only ten per cent of them pay for it.

Three types of online groomer, study finds

There are at least three different types of online sexual predator, a European study of convicted online groomers has found.

Egypt emerges from internet blackout

Egypt is back on the internet, after a five-day shut-down linked to unrest in the country.

Saudi Arabia bans blogging without a licence

Freedom of speech organizations are condemning a decision by the Saudi Arabian government to force all online ewspapers and bloggers to register with the Ministry of Culture and Information.

Will AI transform the 'Net?

A prominent Russian tycoon believes that advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) will catapult the online experience to new levels of sophistication.

Forum cracks down on illegal online medication

One in six Americans has bought medication online without a prescription, says a White House forum, which has pulled together an industry group to fight the problem.

Almost all US kids have photos online before their second birthday

There's no privacy nowadays for even the tiniest members of society, with a survey revealing that eight out of ten children have some sort of online presence before they reach two years old.

A quarter of people stay online during sex

What are you doing now, at the same time as reading this article? Be honest, now - because security firm PC Tools has done a survey, and says lots of you like to get jiggy while online.

Analyst insists multiplayer is going subscription

American folk legend Woody Guthrie once famously said: "Some will rob you with a six gun and [others] with a fountain pen."

More Americans accessing the Net on mobile devices

A recent study conducted by Pew indicates that more Americans are accessing the Internet on mobile devices.

US Cybersecurity Czar wants online "identity cards"

US Cybersecurity Czar Howard Schmidt has proposed the creation of an online "identity ecosystem" to secure financial transactions in cyberspace.

Online Irish census helps people trace their ancestry

If everybody that claims to be 'basically, Irish' really is, then it's hard to believe the rest of the world was inhabited two hundred years ago. Like the true cross, there seems to be rather more of it about than is quite plausible.

Rdio streams mobile music from the Cloud

Rdio has announced a Cloud-based service that offers unlimited, on-demand access to five million songs across multiple devices.

House considers legalizing online gambling

Don't ban it, tax it: that was the message from supporters of internet gambling at a House panel meeting yesterday.

Psychiatrist compares video game addicts to junkies

An undoubtedly well-meaning psychiatrist has claimed that video game dependence is similar to drug and alcohol addiction.

Princeton isolates iPad WiFi problems

The IT department at Princeton University has reportedly managed to isolate the cause of the iPad's troubling WiFi woes.

Microsoft targets "social generation" with new Kin phone

Microsoft has introduced a new Windows-based phone designed specifically for individuals who need help in "actively navigating" their social lives.