This bridge is covered in solar panels

They’re calling it the “world’s largest solar powered bridge,” and who’s to argue? We haven’t seen a bigger one than 4,400-panel-covered Blackfriars rail bridge that spans the Thames in central London.

The fashion of Hunger Games

All throughout the Olympics we’ve been seeing the commercials for the show Revolution, which will debut in September, and there was something already familiar about the show I couldn’t put my finger on.

Twitter goes down on eve of Olympics

Twitter says that an outage yesterday wasn't, as rumored, caused by an overload from Olympic traffic.

Official Olympics social presence increases

This year, the Olympics will be all about social media.

2012 Olympics will be fully streamed online

There will not be one moment of the Olympics that is left untouched.

Athletes sue Samsung over Olympic app

You might find it interesting to discover just how closely you're linked to Olympic athletes Mark Spitz and Janet Evans - but they're not so keen to get closer to you.

Olympians get permission to tweet away in 2012

In 2012, athletes at the London Olympics will be able to blog and comment on Twitter. They just better not do it for money.

Nvidia Quadros go for Olympic gold

With the winter Olympic fever at an all-time high, Nvidia is doing its best to cash in on some Vancouver gold, plugging its Quadro cards as having enabled NBC to display all sorts of neat feats and computational wonders to enhance your favorite snow sports.