New OLED display can be stretched, folded and twisted

The television has come a long way since tubes, three channels, and black and white pictures. Now we’ve got massive flat screens that weigh just a few pounds, using a fraction of the energy to blast high resolution images into our retinas. But they’re still not as good as the real thing. That’s something researchers at UCLA are hoping to change with their newest project.

The hunt for the big tech product of 2013

This week kicks off the annual year-long hunt for the Big Tech Product of 2013. Fortunately, we already have some rather auspicious contenders.  

Samsung Galaxy S4 may boast "unbreakable" OLED display

Samsung's flagship Galaxy S3 handset is one of the most popular smartphones on the market.

Report: LG to launch 55-inch OLED TV in time for Olympics

Back in 2007, Sony launched the world's first OLED TV, which was rather costly and ultimately pulled from the market due to poor sales.

Sony designs "rollable" mini-OLED display

Sony has designed a "rollable" OTFT-driven OLED display that is small enough to be wrapped around a pencil.