LG showcases flexible OLED panel at SID 2013

LG appears to be on a roll when it comes to organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs). First, they wow’ed us with a giant flat screen that uses OLEDs to up efficiency.

LG displays go all bendy

LG Display is apparently gearing up to ship its first flexible displays later this year. 

Sony showcases 4K OLED monitors

Sony recently announced official pricing and availability for its 4K television lineup, but that wasn't all the 4K display news the Japanese-based corporation had to offer.

AUO claims high resolution OLED screen

Taiwanese display company AU Optronics will debut its 5-inch FHD OLED panel at China Optoelectronics Display Expo 2013 (CODE 2013) in Shenzhen, which it claims is the world's highest resolution FHD OLED.

Panasonic shuffles out of plasma business

Troubled TV maker Panasonic is likely to prune off its plasma business over the next three years.

LG invests $650 million in next-gen OLED factory

Word recently surfaced that LG Display has invested a whopping $650 million in a next-generation OLED manufacturing facility for large panels.

Samsung showcases flexible OLED smartphone prototype

Samsung is showcasing a rather interesting smartphone prototype that boasts a flexible OLED screen at CES 2013 in Las Vegas. 

LG showcases curved 55-inch OLED TV screen

LG has unveiled a rather interesting television set at CES 2013.

Samsung showcases 55-inch OLED TV, touts 85-inch S9 UHD

One of the most heavily packed categories each year at CES is the TV space and this year is no exception.

LG taking preorders for 55-in OLED screen

LG looks set to be the first TV manufacturer to get a 55-inch OLED TV out of the factory and onto the shelves, ahead of rival Samsung.

LG sues Samsung over OLED patents

Talk about kicking a man while he's down.

Spintronic LED is brighter and cheaper

A new 'spintronic' organic light-emitting diode promises to be brighter, lower-cost and more environmentally friendly than those currently used in lighting, television and computer displays and other electronic devices.

Sony and Panasonic step up OLED TV efforts

After Samsung unveiled its new OLED TV, Sony and Panasonic are apparently stepping up their respective games.

Samsung unveils 55-inch OLED TV

Samsung plans to continue its TV innovation by becoming the first to offer a "big-screen" TV with OLED technology.

This futuristic Audi is tricked-out with OLED panels

For innumerable decades, drivers have attempted to set their vehicles apart from the rest by customizing their ride with everything from wheels to paint.

Transparent car roof is light source at night

BASF and Philips have developed an OLED car roof that can flip between acting as a window and a light source, giving light when switched on but becoming transparent when turned off.

LG to show off world's largest OLED panel

LG Display says it's created the world's largest OLED TV panel, at 55 inches, and plans to show it at CES next month.

New OLED manufacturing method promises lower-cost, flexible screens

Engineering researchers at the University of Toronto say they've developed the world’s most efficient organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) on plastic.

Apple eyes "glasses-free" 3D display

Apple is apparently eyeing the design of a new type of multi-layer display that would allow users to view three-dimensional images without glasses.

This solar powered laptop could be a game changer

American designers Laura Karnath and Carl Burdick believe that "designers can no longer design products which rely on energy and resources as if those things were limitless."