Iran hacks US utilities

In an effort to prove that it can be almost as menacing as China, Iran has apparently hacked a bunch of US energy companies. 

Atlas Shrugged: Part II trailer looks for power

The Strike Productions has released the first trailer for the upcoming medias of their Atlas Shrugged Trilogy.

Romney plan: Oil. And more oil. And did we mention oil?

"It's all about oil," griped one commentator about the new energy plan [PDF] that Mitt Romney put out on Thursday.

Reusable nanosponges could soak up oil spills

Researchers have created a new material that has, they say, an astounding ability to absorb oil spilled in water.

Drill, baby, drill!?

You might think rising gasoline prices at a time of flat demand and surging domestic oil production would convince Americans that we need to find alternatives to oil. 

But no.

How solar, wind can pay to play

Are big solar and wind – like oil and gas – ready to compete to use resources on federal lands?

Microbes ate Gulf oil - really fast

More than a year after the largest oil spill in history, scientists have discovered that much of the oil was eaten by microbes, fast - but they still don't know what the microbes did with all the energy they gained.

Review: The blankness of Atlas Shrugged: Part 1

Atlas Shrugged: Part 1 is in theatres, but I wouldn’t expect a Part 2.

Ecofriendly method extracts oil from sand

A new technique can extract oil from fouled beaches, and is also a more environmentally friendly way of exploiting tar sands, says a  team of researchers at Penn State University.

Gulf oil dispersant hung around for months

Much of the dispersant used to combat last year’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill still hadn't degraded months after it was applied.

How to farm hydrogen with an H2 silo

A farmer's silo that stores hydrogen instead of grain?

Oil could run dry long before substitutes can take over

Unless R&D is stepped up dramatically, stock market expectations indicate that global oil supplies will run out 90 years before replacement technologies are ready.

Obama looks for an "ass to kick" over BP spill

US President Barack Obama is apparently looking for an "ass to kick" over BP's embarrassing failure to halt a catastrophic oil leak off the Louisiana coast.