Intact biomolecules found in 350-million-year-old fossils

Scientists have for the first time discovered complex organic molecules that have survived fossilization, in the form of 350-million-year-old sea creatures found in Ohio, Indiana and Iowa.

Clean coal system captures 99 percent of CO2

A new form of clean coal technology is ready for large-scale testing, following successful research trials at Ohio State University.

'Very little' telescope discovers weird new planets

Using a lens no more powerful than the one on your digital camera, astronomers have discovered two unusual exoplanets.

Discarded photos of Rasmussen expedition show pattern of glacier melt

Eighty-year-old photos discovered by chance in a Danish basement have thrown light on how Greenland glaciers are melting today.

Single lens produces 3D microscopic images

Engineers at Ohio State University have invented a single lens that can create microscopic 3D images by itself.