What is the capacity of offshore wind power?

Offshore wind power has hit a rough patch in Europe. There have been troubles with basking sharks and red-throated divers, but mostly there have been challenges in making the difficult technology economically viable.

Feds want West Coast offshore wind power to move forward

A wind power project in waters off the Oregon coast took another step forward on Wednesday. It’s a project with loads of potential, but don’t get too excited yet – there’s still a long way to go before it’s a reality.

The way forward for offshore wind power

If even some small portion of the vast offshore wind potential the United States holds is ever accessed, it's going to need to be integrated into the grid (or, more likely, grids). 

How's that going to be pulled off?

Cleantech industry bets big on offshore windpower

A new report from Pike Research confirms what the United States, Europe and even Google are banking on: offshore wind is going to be huge.

Is offshore wind power ready for prime time?

We recently covered a report from Pike Research which predicts a big surge forward for offshore wind energy, estimating a growth in total installed capacity from 4.1 gigawatts to 70.1 gigawatts by the end of 2017.