Major US offshore wind farm built off Mass. Coast

Spurred by the impending expiration of a federal tax credit that could be worth $780 million,Cape Wind, the long-sought giant wind farm off the Massachusetts coast, is apparently now under construction. It’s the first major offshore wind farm to begin construction in the United States, but its long-term fate hardly seems a done deal.

US eyes 11 offshore wind farms

The U.S. is steadily inching toward installing some offshore wind power, with nearly a dozen projects in the works, according to a new report prepared for the Department of Energy.

Super-sized ship to install giant wind turbines

Here's at least least one consequence of super-sizing offshore wind turbines that you might not have considered: The equipment needed to install those turbines is getting bigger as well.

Bring on the offshore wind power, US enviros demand

Keep the pressure on, Mr. President - that was the message recently from a broad coalition of US environmental movers and shakers hopeful of seeing wind turbines sending clean power ashore as soon as possible.

WikiLeaks eyes offshore base of operations

Investors and supporters of the whistle-blowing WikiLeaks website are reportedly attempting to move the organization's servers offshore in an effort to avoid prosecution from US law enforcement officials.

High altitude wind energy gets analyzed

Wind turbine power technology has certainly come a long way over the centuries.

Google invests in offshore wind project

Google's invested in a project to build a 350-mile power transmission backbone along the US East Coast.