The groovy off-grid solar sailboat

Many people dream of leaving the rat race for a nomadic life, but few have the courage to put it into action. Even fewer have the foresight and smarts to do so without consuming one extra drop of fossil fuels. When it does happen, it’s a joy to behold.

This Tricycle House is an off-grid RV

After a long day, fantasies about riding off into the sunset are hard to squash. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just leave it all behind for a life of simplicity on the back of a bike?

Putting fuel cell cost on the chopping block

Hydrogen fuel cells can provide power to off-grid areas, power vehicles and even generate baseload power for the electric grid. 

They are also silent and emissions-free.

How to build off-grid, high-altitude accommodations

It’s the perfect alpine retreat for the eco-conscious - that is, if your idea of the perfect alpine retreat involves hanging, literally, off the side of a mountain.