Claim: Cars, computers, TVs spark obesity in developing countries

The spread of obesity and type-2 diabetes could become epidemic in low-income countries, as more individuals are able to own higher priced items such as TVs, computers and cars.

Diets & Dieting: Is it Time to End the Debate?

Health and our search for how to optimize it has become a major industry in the U.S. With nearly 70 percent of the population considered overweight or obese, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it’s no wonder that diet and exercise are hot ...

Obesity could be catching

Obesity could be - quite literally - contagious, say Yale scientists, who have discovered that it can be triggered by changes in microbes in the stomach.

New-found hormone boosts body's fat-burning ability

Medical researchers in Boston say they've discovered a hormone that boosts the amount of energy a body burns, raising hopes of a new treatment for obesity and diabetes.

Surveillance cameras monitor food intake in school cafeterias

Think it is safe to grab an extra slice of pie? Well, think again.

Analysis: New obesity research shows U.S. eating habits need to change

A new scientific study on obesity in young American children has brought more depressing news. It appears we now are starting our children on the path to obesity before they can even eat solid foods.

Govt. health bullies seek to limit cupcakes in PA

Kids in Pennsylvania schools may soon find their cupcake intake regulated by their state government. That’s right - in order to save the kids from themselves the state school board thinks it’s time to regulate the amount of sweets at school parties.

Opinion: Predictions of 42% adult fatness is too much

Harvard University researchers say the explosion of adult-aged American waistlines won’t slow down until 42% are obese.

American Heart Association gets into games product endorsement

Maybe persuading people to get outdoors and play real sport is just too much hard work - the American Heart Association has announced it's to work with Nintendo to promote 'the benefits of active-play video games'.