Obama hits up Google execs for cash

This week, President Barack Obama took a break from his exhausting schedule of finger wagging and golfing to hobnob with Google execs in Silicon Valley.

Tech industry gives Obama the cold shoulder

The US tech industry is reportedly very unhappy with President Barack Obama and his controversial economic policies.

Is MTV unfairly profiling Obama’s town hall audience?

A recent MTV casting call for an upcoming President Obama town hall meeting is prompting heated allegations of discriminatory profiling and screening.

Fail! WaPost writer tricked by Twitter

Washington Post journalist Jonathan Capehart was apparently tricked into writing a political story based on the incessant ramblings of a fake Twitter account.

America continues its depressive decline

No, it isn't just your imagination. The economic situation in our Democratic Republic has gone from bad to worse, as the chasm between the "haves" and "have-nots" continues to widen.

Is Obama destroying America’s high-tech industry?

Intel CEO Paul Otellini believes the US legal environment under the Obama administration has become openly hostile to business.

Obama criticizes Middle East Blackberry ban

The Obama administration has criticized the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for threatening to ban certain BlackBerry smartphone services.

Does Obama’s Internet "kill switch" threaten free speech?

Could an Internet "kill switch" proposed by US Senator Joseph Lieberman be exploited to assume Federal control over the Internet and threaten free speech?

White House optimizes Web site for iPad

In the week leading up to today's iPad launch, there was no shortage of announcements from companies, TV networks, and software publishers...but the most unexpected iPad announcement came from the White House.

French hacker arrested for targeting Obama's Twitter

A 25-year-old Frenchman has been arrested for trying to gain access to President Barack Obama's official Twitter account, as well as other notable public figures.

Obama to Moon Base: Drop Dead!

Space is the final frontier. We haven't lived up to the promise of the 1950s and 60s, the heyday of the space race but we still carry with us dreams of the stars. Mike Honig, an avowed space exploration enthusiast, gives his take on the Administration's recent cost cutting impact on our integalactic future.