Bill calls for US return to the moon

A Florida congrssman has introduced a bill calling for a US manned moon mission by 2022. Bill Posey's bill - H.R. 1641, the Reasserting American Leadership in Space Act - says that a return to the moon would benefit the country through everything from new technologies to improved natinal security.

Obama & Facebook's bromance revealed at town hall meeting

President Obama has been called the prince of social media, using Facebook and Twitter as his campaigning allies. 

Obama re-evaluates social media campaign for 2012

President Obama’s groundbreaking social media campaign was partly credited for his 2008 success, but four years later, the game has certainly changed.

MPAA cheers as ICE seizes web domains

Gloating members of the film industry have praised Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for continuing its controversial policy of seizing web domains allegedly linked to online "piracy."

Obama admin tacitly approves .xxx domain name suffix

Unlike the Bush administration, the Obama White House appears to be mature enough to handle the idea of an adult-specific .xxx domain name suffix.

Obama takes on cyber bullies

The eastern world is exploding with violence flaring, bullets loading and gasoline fast approaching $5 a gallon.

Obama hobnobs with Silicon Valley bigwigs

President Barack Obama flew to California yesterday to hobnob with Silicon Valley bigwigs about job creation and education. The president - who was hosted by prominent VC capitalist John Doerr - had dinner with a star-studded tech lineup, including Carol Bartz (Yahoo) and Steve Jobs (Apple).

Is Obama clueless about electric cars?

President Obama's moon shot - a Kennedyesque call to have 1 million plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) on U.S. roads by 2015 - is certainly bold and welcome, but most likely out of reach.

Obama wants one million EVs by 2015

In a State of the Union address packed with nods to cleantech, President Obama's call for the United States to become the first nation with one million electric vehicles on the road - and to do it by 2015 - could easily have been heard and then forgotten.

Obama wants Internet IDs for the masses

The US Commerce Department is reportedly preparing to assume authority over a nascent cybsecurity initiative that would create a unique Internet ID for American citizens and residents.

10 things guaranteed to annoy us in 2011

This year was among the most annoying ever because no one had a job, or money, and everyone lost their house to an ugly bank guy with a handlebar mustache and a stovepipe hat. Next year will be worse.

Obama's deputy CTO throws in the towel

Obama's deputy chief technology officer (CTO) is leaving the White House to oversee the launch of two start-ups.

Obama admin told to stop tracking cell phones without a warrant

A federal appeals court has rejected a claim by the Obama administration that it is "never required" to obtain a court order before accessing cell-site information retained by mobile carriers.

Senator blames Obama for tepid WikiLeaks response

A Republican senator is angry at the Obama administration for its allegedly lackluster and tardy response to WikiLeaks.

Are clean energy dollars going to polluters?

To nab mobsters, law enforcement has to do business with some pretty unsavory characters. A similar reality might be at play in the U.S. government's pursuit of job-creating clean-energy projects.

Is the GOP readying an anti-Google barrage?

The GOP-dominated House may be preparing to crack down on Google's allegedly "inappropriate" ties with the floundering Obama administration.

Watchdog says Google has "unusually" close ties to Obama

A government watchdog has accused President Barack Obama of maintaining "unusually close" ties to Google.

Keep on rockin’ in the free world

Are you satisfied with the results of last week’s Congressional midterm elections? Yes, or no? Well, either way, it doesn’t really matter all that much.

Sarah Palin holds forth on Twitter

Tea Party spiritual leader Sarah Palin is claiming credit for expelling more than a dozen House Democrats who backed President Obama's controversial health care law.

Will Obama delete key files to hide them from the GOP?

US Republicans are concerned that President Barack Obama may delete key files and shred important documents which could be requested in future congressional probes.