Obama admin wants more desert solar

The Obama administration marches on in its quest for more big renewable energy. This week, the Department of the Interior announced its 49th and 50th approvals of utility-scale renewable energy projects on public lands. Pre-Obama, there were zero such approvals.

Bring on the offshore wind power, US enviros demand

Keep the pressure on, Mr. President - that was the message recently from a broad coalition of US environmental movers and shakers hopeful of seeing wind turbines sending clean power ashore as soon as possible.

Government ordered to disclose WikiLeaks docs

A military judge has ordered the Obama administration to disclose a number of confidential documents related to WikiLeaks.

Silicon Valley eyes Mitt Romney

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has reportedly managed to raise at least $1.76 million in Silicon Valley from a number of high-profile individuals, including Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen.

Big solar on US public lands finally goes online

The Obama administration has been signing off on the development of utility-scale solar power on public lands left and right, and now the first of those big projects has come online.

Wind power and birds - did Obama get it right?

The Obama administration has instituted new voluntary guidelines for project siting and development.

US eyes new space weapons policy

The Obama administration is reportedly ready to consider a new space weapons policy based on an international code of conduct.

Big government science gets a reprieve

A year of threats from the House had thousands expecting budget cuts as deep as 20 percent by those determined to drown government science in the bathwater. 

The way forward for offshore wind power

If even some small portion of the vast offshore wind potential the United States holds is ever accessed, it's going to need to be integrated into the grid (or, more likely, grids). 

How's that going to be pulled off?

Biden touts ARPA-E successes

The Solyndra collapse was a punch to the gut in the Obama administration's efforts to forge a new green economy, but the administration is making a case that not all the news these days is bad.

Solar manufacturing gets $50M boost

Got an industrial-scale demonstration of photovoltaic modules, cells or substrates that offers lower-cost solutions in line with the Obama administration’s SunShot goals?

GOP slashes clean energy funding

House Republican appropriators have slashed renewable energy funding by 27%, or $491 million to $1.3 billion - approximately $1.9 billion below what the Obama administration had previously requested.

Cybersecurity bill scrutinized over terror concerns

A ranking member of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee has expressed concern over a cybersecurity recommendation submitted by the Obama administration.

Obama admin snubs congressional query over website seizures

Two legislators have voiced concern over the Obama administration's failure to explain the controversial and frenetic seizure of domain names allegedly linked to digital copyright infringement.

GOP wants Obama admin to archive all electronic correspondence

A high-ranking Republican congressman believes the Obama administration’s electronic correspondence is not being archived in "the spirit" of federal law.

WikiLeaks details Gitmo SNAFU

The whistle-blowing website known as WikiLeaks has released a slew of new documents about detainees imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay.

DHS eyes expanded cyber role

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is preparing to assume "far-reaching" oversight over all civilian agency computer networks.

Report: Stimulus funds help renewables

Just how well has the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) done in increasing the nation's renewable energy capacity? 

According to SBI Energy's new report, "ARRA Report Card: Two Years Later," the U.S. is making significant progress toward attaining the Obama administration's goal of doubling renewable generation capacity in the country over the next two years.