Should republicans fear Obama's love of Game of Thrones?

When you’re the President, you can make a lot of demands and people will move heaven and earth to try to get it done. World peace is tough to negotiate, but how about an advance DVD of Game of Thrones?

Katy Perry awesome Twitter goddess of the universe

While I’m not a big fan of Katy Perry, I don’t hate her but her music doesn’t do anything for me, this is an interesting milestone in technology: She has fifty million followers on Twitter, which is now officially a record. 

Is Obama an energy realist?

We saw an interesting evolution of Barack Obama as an energy president on display earlier this week in his fifth official State of the Union address. You might say the president got real.

Obama Likes Breaking Bad

It’s always a trip to find out a certain celebrity likes the same movies, TV, music or video games you do. After all, celebrities are people just like you and me, and a lot of times they like stuff that’s in the zeitgeist, just like everyone else does.

VFX Artists To Protest Obama's Visit

Early this year, FX artists faced a bitter irony. Life of Pi won Best Director and Best Visual FX at the Academy Awards, but the FX company that created the incredible visuals, Rhythm and Hues, had just gone bankrupt. It’s hard to imagine FX companies going out of business, but they’ve been going through a hard time lately, which is thanks to studios underbidding movies, and outsourcing jobs.

Obama admin wants to cut solar power red tape

The Obama administration’s latest bid to shrink the amount of red tape that homeowners and business people have to go through to install rooftop solar power systems is taking firm shape now. Some $12 million in funding that was put up for grabs last December in a competitive process is now pegged to go to eight teams around the country to pursue policy and permitting-process innovations.

Obama admin wants more solar and geothermal

Ken Salazar was about “smart from the start.” Sally Jewell, his successor as head of the U.S. Department of the Interior, appears to be claiming “landscape-level approach” as her favorite phrase when it comes to large-scale renewable energy development in the West.Oba

Obama outlines renewable energy goals

The takeaway from President Obama’s climate change plan [PDF] from a renewable energy perspective: He’ll push for more.

Obama approves giant solar, wind projects in desert

Big solar was the biggest driver in the record-breaking U.S. solar gains made last year, with utility-scale plants accounting for more than half – 1,752 megawatts – of the 3,313 MW of newly installed capacity.

Obama's $2 billion EV plan

Following up on an idea raised in his State of the Union address in January, President Obama on Friday proposed that the U.S. spend $2 billion in federal revenues from oil and gas leases in the next 10 years on a wide range of research and development initiatives aimed at reducing the country’s reliance on petroleum for transportation.

Obama eyes violent video games in wider gun control plan

As you’re probably aware by now, President Obama has addressed the nation with his gun control plan in the wake of the horrible school shooting in Connecticut.

Netflix-Facebook sharing bill signed into law

President Obama has signed a bill allowing Facebook users to automatically share which Netflix videos they've been watching.

US Senate backs military, Obama on green fuels

Advanced biofuels backers celebrated the U.S. Senate’s defeat Wednesday of a measure that could have derailed the military’s quest to develop cleaner alternatives to petroleum-based fuels for use in its ships and planes.

Opinion: Obama re-election keeps clean energy hope alive

Trying to figure out exactly what Barack Obama’s victory in Tuesday’s election will mean for the clean energy movement in the United States is a bit of a fool’s errand on two counts.

US elections: are Google results biased?

Try searching for 'Medicare' in Google, then opening another browser tab and searching first for 'Obama' and then for 'Medicare' again. Notice any difference?

Obama election ads target gamers

For a moment there, it looked like Obama was in trouble with the debates.

WikiLeaks founder asks the United States to stand down

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange appeared on the first-floor balcony of Ecuador's London embassy on Sunday where he asked the United States to end its "witch-hunt" against the whistle-blowing organization.

On wind, Obama sees a clean energy winner

A funny thing happened on the way to Solyndra becoming the dominant clean energy issue of the 2012 presidential campaign: It got blown away.

Twitter creates "Political Index" scores

Twitter is now ranking the pulse of the country in a numerical Obama-v-Romney scale.

WikiLeaks trial may be a sham

A civilian lawyer for Pfc. Bradley Manning has accused US President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of making "prejudicial" comments about the former army intelligence analyst.