Anonymous doxes Oakland officials over OWS crackdown

Cyber activists associated with Anonymous have posted the private information of Oakland city officials in response to an ongoing crackdown against OccupyWallStreet (OWS) protestors. 

Is this what a police state looks like?

Numerous videos and images of police violently cracking down against peaceful OccupyWallStreet (OWS) protestors have gone viral in recent weeks.

Anonymous warns Toronto over Occupy eviction

Cyber activists associated with Anonymous have warned Canadian officials against forcibly evicting Occupy protestors from the city of Toronto.

Anonymous is with Scott Olsen in Oakland

Cyber activists associated with Anonymous have released a video in support of Scott Olsen, a Marine veteran who was critically injured during a controversial police crackdown against OccupyOakland protestors.

Anonymous prepares for a dystopian future

Cyber activists associated with Anonymous are gearing up for a dystopian future characterized by growing economic disparity, protests and police brutality.

Dude, where's my stolen MacBook?

Smile! You’re on hidden camera. When one laptop owner found his computer missing, he activated remote monitoring software to snap a picture of the thief which ultimately led to the criminal’s capture.

Is crime on Craigslist worse than in Oakland?

We’ve all heard the Craigslist horror stories where some shady criminal lures an innocent victim to a hotel room where he cooks her in a stew a la Craigslist killer. Stories like this may not be so farfetched, as recent statistics released by the AIM Group claim the site is linked to 330 crimes, including 12 murders and 105 robberies.