Dude, this KegPuter dispenses beer

Nvidia and a crew of modders have fashioned a fully-functional beer dispensing system and liquid cooled GeForce GTX gaming PC out of a single 15.5 gallon keg.

Nvidia GPUs powers BMW navigation

This week has been extremely busy for chip superstar Nvidia with multiple partnerships announced from the mobile, computing, and now automobile industries.

Why Nvidia wants an ARM-based CPU

Nvidia has confirmed that it is developing a lineup of ARM-based CPUs designed to power personal computers, servers, and even supercomputers.

Nvidia kicks off Tegra 2 "super phone" revolution

Today in Las Vegas, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang took center stage to highlight the power of the company's Tegra 2 chip.

Sandy Bridge gets GeForced

PC vendors are poised to launch over 200 systems in the first half of 2011 that will feature Nvidia GeForce GPUs paired with next-gen Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs.

Tegra 2 to power next-gen tablets in 2011

A number of prominent mobile vendors have reportedly selected Nvidia's dual-core Tegra 2 to power a new generation of tablets.

Is Apple choosing Intel over Nvidia?

Apple has reportedly chosen to deploy Intel Sandy Bridge processors in its 2011 MacBook lineup.

How do you measure graphics horsepower?

You know, when we’re testing graphics add-in boards (AIBs) we and others usually mention how the AIB has the horsepower to run games at high frames and high resolution.

Nvidia: US steadily losing supercomputer race

A high-ranking Nvidia exec has warned that "lackluster" investment in supercomputing could cause the US to lose its technological edge over China.

First dual-core Android handset goes to LG

Samsung has its Galaxy S, Motorola has the Droid, HTC has the Evo, and now it's time for LG to step up its game. And boy, is it rising to the occasion.

Video: H.A.W.X. 2 gets tessellated

Check out this video to see a DX11 tessellation on/off comparison featuring Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2 on an Nvidia GeForce graphics card.

Nvidia says next-gen Tegra tablets are "on the way"

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang says next-gen tablets powered by the company's ARM-based Tegra processor have been delayed by a few months, but are definitely "on the way."

Nvidia fires up its GeForce GTX 580

Nvidia has debuted its long-awaited, Fermi-powered GeForce GTX 580. The graphics card - which was reengineered from the transistor-level up - offers significantly optimized performance for DX11 gaming.

Nvidia previews "fastest DX11 GPU on the planet"

Nvidia recently offered a sneak peak of what it claims is the "fastest DX11 GPU on the planet."

World's fastest supercomputer makes debut in China

China has knocked the US off the top spot with the unveiling of a the most powerful supercomputer in the  world.

Nvidia preps Tegra 2 for massive tablet deployment

Nvidia has reportedly clinched a number of lucrative orders for its powerful Tegra 2 processor.

Apple gets back to the Mac

Apple is apparently shifting its focus back to the shiny Mac after conquering the tablet market with its "magical" iPad.

Nvidia wants a sexy Tegra 2 "superphone"

Nvidia's CEO isn't satisfied with the current generation of smartphones. No, Jen-Hsun Huang says there is "room in the market" for a new breed of sleek devices known as "superphones."

Welcome to Nvidia’s Endless City

Welcome to Endless City! This gothic, film noir demo - which artfully blends computation and graphics - was created to showcase Fermi’s advanced tessellation capabilities.

Nvidia fires up Quadro 2000 for graphics gurus

Nvidia has expanded its Quadro lineup with two new GPUs: the mid-range 2000 (192 CUDA processing cores) and the entry-level 600 (96 CUDA processing cores).