Microsoft Surface tablets: The first true Intel vs. Nvidia battle

The new Microsoft Surface Tablets are pretty sweet indeed. However, I highly doubt most of the industry understands how the tablet's Optical Display will actually change the market.

Toshiba AT300 runs on Tegra 3

Going boldly in the opposite direction of many Android tablets these days, Toshiba's AT300 seems to have a target set on the iPad.

Nvidia's Kepler: Changing the world one computer at a time

This week I’m at the Nvidia GTC (GPU Technology Conference), where Nvidia is showcasing the massive advancements it has made in the realm of supercomputing and the lucrative graphics space.

Nvidia showcases new Kepler-powered Tesla GPUs

Nvidia is showcasing two new Kepler-powered Tesla GPUs at its annual GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, California.

Nvidia's virtual GPU targets the cloud

Nvidia has unveiled a platform that allows the delivery of a virtualized desktop to any connected device - with the graphics and GPU capabilities of a PC or workstation.

Report: Next-gen MacBooks go Nvidia

A new report indicates that Apple has chosen Nvidia GPUs to power its next-gen MacBooks.

AMD to bump Radeon 7970 HD to 1GHz

AMD is reportedly preparing to bump its Radeon 7970 HD graphics card from 925MHz to 1GHz in the wake of Nvidia's recently launched dual-Kepler GeForce GTX 690.

Nvidia fires up $1,000 dual-Kepler GeForce

Nvidia has rolled out its GeForce GTX 690 at a gaming event in Shanghai, China.

Report: Nvidia eyes speed boost for Tegra 3

Nvidia is reportedly eyeing a speed boost for its mobile Tegra 3 processor, which could act as a placeholder of sorts until the launch of the company’s next-gen Wayne SoC.

Mobile graphics evolving to console-level

Rapidly evolving mobile graphics are expected to offer a console-like experience in the very near future.

TSMC struggles with 28nm

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is reportedly experiencing issues with its 28nm foundry capacity which has fallen "drastically short of demand."

A closer look at Nvidia's Kepler GPU

Nvidia recently debuted its long-awaited Kepler GPU lineup, which is based on 28-nanometer (nm) process technology and succeeds the 40-nm Fermi.

Nvidia rolls out next-gen Kepler GPUs 

Nvidia has rolled out the first GPUs powered by its next-generation Kepler architecture, which is based on 28-nanometer (nm) process technology and succeeds the 40-nm Fermi.

Are mobile devices becoming the game platform of choice?

The rapid evolution of mobile devices is actively driving the industry to develop better graphics, optimized voice quality and faster quad-core processors.

Report: Apple drops Nvidia's Kepler from low-range MacBooks

It seems as if Nvidia is having difficulty manufacturing its upcoming Kepler GPU lineup due to a supply shortage at TSMC that has been linked to internal (TSMC) 28nm issues.

Nvidia wants Apple to put its benchmarks where its mouth is

This week, Apple unveiled a new version of its long-awaited iPad at a packed event in San Francisco, California.

Nvidia touts Mimosa X Android ICS smartphone

Nvidia and ZTE are talking up the new Tegra 2-powered Mimosa X Android smartphone, which is targeted at the mainstream handset market.

Pics of Tegra 3 LG phone spotted in the wild

LG is apparently ready to step into the market of super-powered smartphone as it plans to launch a phone with a Tegra 3 chip.

Windows 8 is ready for ARM

Microsoft has reportedly finished coding a stable version (or possibly versions) of Windows 8 for ARM-powered mobile chips, such as those manufactured by industry heavyweights Nvidia, Qualcomm and TI.

Nvidia hella loves Android (and Windows 8)

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has seen the future of mobile devices - and it is Google's versatile Android operating system.