ARM badgers Intel over licenses

Intel needs to stop mucking about and get itself an ARM license so that it can push into the mobile market, claims, er, a co-founder of ARM.

Nvidia teases ARM-powered Project Kayla

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has confirmed the company is working on Project Kayla, an initiative that combines a Tegra 3 chip and an unspecified GPU on a mini-ITX type of board.

Nvidia disappointed with Windows RT tablet sales

Microsoft is having somewhat of a difficult time convincing the masses to abandon Android and Apple for its heavily marketed Surface RT tablet.

Nvidia's GTC: Making the imaginary real

Nvidia's GPU conference has become one of the more interesting industry events as the graphics market scales up to supercomputing and down to in-car navigation and entertainment systems.

Nvidia touts GPUs for Big Data analytics

Nvidia has confirmed that a number of top enterprise and mobile application companies are using high-end GPUs to process big data analytics and advanced search for both consumer and commercial applications.

Nvidia says Sony's PS4 has outdated specs

Nvidia may have passed on supplying hardware components to Sony for its upcoming Playstation 4 consoles, but that hasn't stopped the company from commenting on the next-gen system.

The future of Nvidia's ARM-based Tegra SoC

Nvidia's flagship mobile Tegra SoC has managed to clinch a number of design wins, and can be found inside Google's Nexus 7 tablet, Microsoft's Windows RT Surface, Lenovo's IdeaPad Yoga 11 and Ouya's upcoming Android-powered console.

Cray bites the bullet on mother of all computers

The roll out of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's "Titan" super computer is being delayed because the Cray motherboards have too much gold in them. According to Slashdot, the boards have to be sent back to Cray because the gold connectors have prevented it from working.

Nvidia claims it turned down Sony's PS4

Nvidia is claiming that it passed on providing components to Sony for the corporation's next-gen Playstation 4 due to what Nvidia exec Tony Tamasi describes as "opportunity cost."

AMD readies component to beat up Nvidia

Distributor sources close to AMD Germany say that the company will launch a new graphics product next month.

Nvidia's Tegra 4 is a screaming fast mobile SoC

Nvidia recently debuted its flagship Tegra 4 SoC, a processor based on ARM's powerful Cortex-A15 quad-core architecture.

Asus touts supercomputer-class Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan video card

Earlier this week, Nvidia rolled out its latest and greatest video card which it dubbed the GeForce GTX Titan.

Why Nvidia's new headquarters may beat Appleā€™s

Nvidia today announced its new Santa Clara headquarters, which seems to rival Apple’s plans for the old HP space in Cupertino.  

Nvidia touts $1,000 GTX Titan graphics card

Nvidia has officially unveiled its new GeForce GTX Titan video card, which the company claims is powered by the fastest GPU on the planet.

Nvidia debuts Tegra 4i

Nvidia has debuted the the Tegra 4i processor, which can best be described as a fully integrated 4G LTE mobile SoC.

iRiver debuts the 7-inch WOWtab

The South Korean-based iRiver has debuted a 7-inch Android tablet powered by a 1.2 GHz Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor.

Ouya and Nvidia optimizing Tegra 3 SoC for Android console

Ouya confirmed months ago that its Android Jelly Bean powered console will be equipped with Nvidia's Tegra SoC.

Nvidia's Tegra 4 SoC could power the next Chromebook (or box)

Samsung's $250 ARM-powered Chromebook debuted this past October and quickly climbed to the top of the charts on Amazon.

Arma Tactics targets Nvidia's Project Shield

One of the most important announcements of CES 2013 was probably made by Nvidia when the company introduced its Project Shield game console. 

Jump-starting Nvidia's Tegra SoC

Nvidia's ARM-based Tegra SoC has racked up a number of smartphone and tablet design wins, although clearly not as much as the company had originally anticipated.