NVIDIA Shield down to $249 with free case and games for Black Friday

NVIDIA is getting in on the Black Friday action, offering its own Shield handheld gaming device for $249, down from the usual price of $299. And to sweeten the deal, the manufacturer is throwing in a free carry case, valued at $39.99, as well as two free games — Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 2 and Expendable: Rearmed.Here's what our own Jerry Hildenbrand had to say about NVIDIA's Android-powered handheld in his review of the device:"The NVIDIA Shield isn't going to appeal to a wide audience, but I don't think it was designed to do so.

The Amazing Tegra Note 7: A Luxury Value Gaming Tablet

I’m really not a fan of just copying someone else’s products.  Yes Samsung has proven it can work but in the end it is still just a copy and it is far better to carve out your own space.   That is what NVIDIA did first with Shield and now with the Tegra Note 7 which is similar in performance but rather than an integrated Tablet and Controller, this is a pure tablet.  

Archos preps second-gen GamePad tablet

Unbowed by the recent launch of Nvidia’s mighty Shield, Archos is reportedly prepping a second-gen GamePad tablet with a higher-res display, a faster processor, additional memory and more storage space. 

The next-gen Tegra Note tablet: A 2014 tablet in 2013

Nvidia is doing some fascinating things this year. First the company debuted a gaming device known as "Shield" which outperformed every portable gaming handset on the market and could even replace consoles by placing the performance in a real gaming controller. 

Living with NVIDIA Shield - the “other” Android gaming device

Nvidia's gaming system, Shield, could prove to be a lot of fun. Rob Enderle experiences the joys beyond traditional gaming.

Analysis: Is there room for Nvidia's Shield?

Does Nvidia know something  we don’t know about the handheld console market?