Google's Chromebook is going places

Just a few short years ago it would have been difficult to find anyone who took Google's Chromebook seriously. All that has changed, though, as the barebones laptop running Mountain View's web-centric OS gains share - while the rest of the market shrinks.

Video game sales down except for DS, 3DS

Nintendo's handheld platforms were the only systems to see a sales increase last month.

Apple may risk iPad 3 display shortage

Apple could struggle to keep pace with demand for the iPad 3, thanks to  a fragile supply of its new Retina display.

Gaming down in 2011

As we’ve often reported on TG, gaming isn’t exactly a stable business to be in, even when times are relatively good.

Anonymous warns Germany's far right

Anonymous has launched a new Internet portal populated by hacked data allegedly extracted from various far-right sources in Germany.

Huge stash of leaks destroyed by former Wikileaks spokesman

Wikileaks has confirmed that thousands of leaked files have been destroyed by the group's former German spokesperson Daniel Domscheit-Berg.

Game sales continue to slide in in June

In a month with little new on the market, total game sales in June were ten percent lower than last year, says market research firm NPD, at $995 million.

Samsung holds 61% of 3D TV market

Despite a lot of competitors entering the space over the last couple years, the one who pioneered it is still the leader.

NPD says not to blame iPad for slowing PC sales

Research firm NPD is giving everyone a reality check in cause-and-effect.

Video game sales decline again

It was yet another bad month for video game sales - even worse than expected - as 2010 has become one of the worst years in recent industry history.

Early iPad adopters more satisfied than recent buyers

You remember all those crazies who waited outside the Apple Store for hours to buy one on launch day? Well, apparently they're actually still using their device and haven't lost their luster for it.

Google's Android triumphs over RIM's BlackBerry

Google's Android OS has continued its meteoric rise by displacing RIM's BlackBerry and claiming first place amongst operating systems in handsets sold to US consumers.

US games industry on the mend

US games sale are finally on the rise again, according to NPD Group, with Nintendo's games platforms, new Pokemon games and Sony's God of War III all doing well.

There are 220 million game systems in US homes

The number of game consoles and handheld systems in the US now accounts for nearly three-fourths of the population, with 220 million devices connected across the country.

Games sales continue to slide

It's not great timing, what with the Game Developers' Conference in full swing. But NPD has reported that video game sales fell a stonking 15 percent in February - and consoles did even worse, with sales down by a fifth.