Is Google's Chrome OS headed to tablets?

Google's web-centric Chrome operating system (OS) was originally coded to run on laptops and desktops. However, it seems as if Chrome OS may be evolving into an operating system that could ultimately run on tablets, hybrids and convertible notebooks.

Japan Display touts 12-inch, 4K screen for notebooks and tablets

Japan Display has debuted a 12.1 inch, 3840 x 2160 pixel display targeted at next-gen notebooks and tablets.

Notebook shipments to slump in second quarter

Increasing demand for tablets, coupled with weak demand from China, is expected to hit notebook shipments in the second quarter.

PCs continue to lose out to tablets

A report from analyst company Gartner said that the traditional PC market will slip in 2013 by 7.6 percent as people open their wallets to spend on tablets and smartphones instead.

Intel carries on taking the tablets

While Steve Jobs claimed that any tablet smaller than nine inches was doomed to fail, Intel's PC business chief doesn't see much of a future for big stand-alone tablets.

Acer aims to be a force in worldwide tablet market

Although Acer is still one of the world’s leading PC makers, it hasn’t had much luck in the tablet market.

AMD takes aim at Intel dominance

While many believed that AMD had gone the way of the black knight in Monty Python's Holy Grail, it seems that Chimpzilla is still provoking Intel's wrath.

Updated: Llano and Sandy Bridge take their toll on Nvidia

Nvidia has reportedly been "forced" to exit its integrated graphics chipsets business following the success of Intel's Sandy Bridge and AMD's Llano APU. 

Can ARM take on x86 notebooks?

ARM is preparing to move into the lucrative notebook market which is currently dominated by Intel x86 processors.

Report: iPad gaining popularity in corporate America

The portable device of choice for the corporate world has traditionally been the humble notebook or more powerful laptop. 

Will high prices thwart WinTel tablet sales?

Windows-based tablets powered by Intel x86 processors may ultimately be priced in the $600-$900 range.

Notebooks live on despite tablet onslaught

The lucrative notebook market has managed to stay afloat despite a tablet onslaught led primarily by Apple's wildly popular iPad.

Industry heavyweights prep ARM-based notebooks

A number of industry heavyweights - including Samsung, Toshiba, Acer and Asus - are reportedly prepping ARM-powered notebooks for the mainstream PC market.

iPad cannibalizes low-end notebook sales

It's official: the iPad is adversely affecting the traditional PC industry, with eager consumers expected to snap up at least 28 million of the popular touchscreen devices at the expense of low-end notebooks. 

Notebook sales soar as PCs become 'necessities'

Worldwide sales of PCs are rocketing, according to Gartner, and it's consumers rather than businesses that are doing the buying.

Nvidia touts "world's fastest" notebook GPU

Nvidia has introduced a new Fermi-based GPU for notebooks that reportedly offers a 5X performance increase along with a dedicated Tessellation engine.

HP recalls 54,000 Lithium-ion notebook batteries

The US CPSC puts customers of HP and Compaq notebooks on notice adding to 70,000 batteries previously recalled last May.

AMD launches Open 3D initiative

AMD has launched an "Open" initiative designed to encourage 3D innovation and lower high costs typically associated with the evolving technology. 

NVIDIA Optimus: Having Your Cake and Eating it Too!

For any of us who have had high performance notebook computers there has been a dirty little secret. 

Nvidia introduces Optimus technology for notebooks

Nvidia has introduced an intelligent switching technology for notebook PCs that automatically selects the optimal graphics processor for running a specific application.