NASA seeks friendly solution to ownership row

NASA says it'll do its best to resolve a dispute over an astronaut's attempts to auction off a notebook used in the Apollo 13 mission.

Moving data - Sponsored by Dell

Now that you have your Dell notebook computer - or netbook - and smartphone, it's time to learn about true mobility - moving data. If your data is stuck on your mobile device, it isn't much good, is it?

SMBs: Get Moving!

There comes a time in the growth of any SMB when employees need to hit the road to do business. To be prepared when travelling, you need to be equipped with the appropriate hardware.

Sony wants a Chrome notebook

Sony certainly has a respectable track record when it comes to designing innovative products that test new frontiers.

Google details Chrome notebook specs

Google's prototype Chrome OS-powered notebook (Cr-48) boasts a 10-second boot time, 12.1 inch screen, full-sized keyboard & touch pad, integrated 3G from Verizon, eight hours of battery life and eight days of standby time.

Using a laptop could damage sperm quality

Well, guys, now you have an excuse for sitting around with your legs wide apart in that way that irritates the opposite sex so deeply.

Integrated graphics poised to dominate notebook PC market

Did you know that four out of five notebook PCs are expected to feature graphics-enabled microprocessors by the year 2014?

The smartphone that does it all

A talented Taiwanese designer by the name of Hank Chen is developing a versatile and transformative mobile handset known as the Flex Display Phone.

Report: Apple eyes AMD processors for future Mac lineup

Move over Intel! Yes, Apple is reportedly negotiating with AMD over the adoption of alternative processors for future Mac products.

Analyst says cheaper iPhones on the way

A Morgan Stanley analyst has predicted that Apple may introduce a line of cheaper iPhones in June.

The Dell Mini 5 vs. the Apple iPad

I’ve been using the Dell Mini 5 for a number of weeks now in stealth mode. I also carry the Kindle DX which has a similar sized screen to the iPad and think Apple may have guessed wrong on this product.

Microsoft says Windows 7 does not ruin notebook batteries

Microsoft has vehemently rebuffed claims that its Windows 7 operating system is responsible for causing the alleged and rapid degradation of notebook batteries.