The Krystall, a floating 5-star hotel for Norway

It wasn't so long ago we brought you word that Dutch Docklands was bringing a new floating hotel to the Maldives, one of the island nations on the front lines of the fight against global warming.

Roskva electric motorcycle lightweight, fast, all green sexy

Take five students in their 20s at the University of Life Sciences in Oslo, Norway who are all studying machinery and product development or process technology.

Finland to step up 'Net monitoring after Norway attacks

Finnish police are taking no chances after the attacks on their neighbors in Norway. They are going to begin watching the Web more strictly for signs of extremism.

Video games blamed for Norway attacks

In a 1,500 page manifesto, Nowegian shooter Anders Behring Breivik has described using Modern Warfare 2 and World of Warcraft as training manuals.

Norway and Iceland conspire to end world

Icelandic volcano ends air travel. Norway being run with an iPad out of Madrid airport. Steve Jobs to shift more continental plates.

Norwegian frogmen ambush StreetView car

It's amazing the things you can see on StreetView. The Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower - and frogmen leaping out of lawn chairs.